Monday, January 5, 2015

Up Close and Personal: Five Things About Me

Happy Monday and Happy 2015 everyone! I hope you had a wonderful time welcoming the new year and are ready for the new beginnings! 

I always get sentimental during the New Year's Eve saying  goodbye to the year's experiences and thinking of how they have shaped me. This year I thought of how much I like being 40-ish. Life has become so much simpler and better, and I loved sharing many personal moments of my life, my habits, and my personal style with you. And in the spirit of being up close and personal, I thought to kick off 2015 with the list of things that shape my day, every day. 

1. My family is my life's treasure, and my day is filled with love towards them at all times. 

2. My youngest son Alex has autism and caring for him is probably the biggest part of my daily thought process. It does not define me, but it is a part of me. I read somewhere once that a family with special needs child is like a little Universe - he is the Sun, and his family, teachers, therapists, and friends are the planets, rocks, and asteroids that revolve around the Sun. I could not imagine a better description! It's kind of like having a little child all the time. He is progressing better than anyone ever expected, but it takes a tremendous amount of work every day to help him move forward. He wants to fly to the moon one day, and I am his cheerleader as I have no doubt that he can achieve everything he puts his mind to. I am thankful to Alex for teaching me important lessons ~ patience, unlimited powers, and kindness.

3. I created Living zBeautiful Mix to share my attempts of making my life interesting and beautiful. I mean, if I let life to take over, I will cease to exist as I will be consumed by work, chores, and child care. I resent the idea of letting myself go, so I dress myself in pretty things, eat delicious food, and explore the world. I'm determined to live my best life and want all women to know that it's possible, no matter what challenges their lives bring. 

4. During the day I work as an immigration attorney,  mainly with refugees. The job is demanding but meaningful. Some days I work from home, some days I fly around the country to appear in different immigration courts. On one hand it is tough to balance such a schedule, but I would never want to do it any other way - I need the world to be my office!

5. I live life to its fullest and try to improve myself every day and push my boundaries. I work hard whether it's at work or at home. I balance it with the time off that I fully enjoy. I try to surround myself with wonderful people and beautiful moments. I mean, what else could I possibly do?

Now it's your turn ~ please tell me about you and what makes your typical day? What makes you who you are?
xo, Zuma A.

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