Friday, January 9, 2015

The Tomboy ~ Faded Jeans, Biker Jacket, and Newsboy Hat

Rag and bone jeans (similar here), Vince turtleneck,  Biker Jacket (similar here),
Biker boots (similar here), Newsboy hat (similar here), Hoop earrings
As I was thinking about me being a minimalist, I thought of another reason why I don't buy too many work clothes ~ when I'm at work, I am a lawyer, a woman in charge, and there is not that many wardrobe choices for that power role. Meanwhile, on my days off, I wake up and think who do I feel like being todayMy choices are limitless ~ a lounger, a beach goer, a baker, a horse rider, a girlie Sunday bruncher, a rock climber, a fancy partier... Obviously, I have to dress appropriately for each different version of me! If I wasn't a minimalist for each one of me, I would be completely broke! 

So last weekend, I was a tomboy as my (adult) men and I, in the search of new experiences, went to the shooting range. 

So, to turn my basic black turtleneck and jeans into a tomboyish-cool-girl outfit, I put on my biker boots and jacket and topped it off with a Newsboy hat. And, to add a bit of girliness to the look, I put on gold-plated Hoop earrings
I hit the bulls eye twice! My Honey said beginner's luck, but I said No, I'm just that good.

Would love to hear from you - what did you do last weekend? Share your photos with me!

xo, Zuma A.

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