Monday, January 26, 2015

Restoring the Balance:: Soft Cardigan, Jeans and T-shirt

Anthropology Jacket (sold out:: similar hereSplendid V-neck Tee (also here)
Tiffany's silver heart pendant (similar here and here)
This weekend getaway to Big Bear Mountain could not come at a better time. After the last few weeks' overpacked schedule, I needed to restore my sense of balance. While my gang's itinerary was packed with action ~ skiing, tubing, and hiking,  I opted for sleeping, eating, and walking. The weather was gorgeous, bright sun, blue sky, and 50F degrees! I was so happy that I could spend the entire weekend in jeans and a t-shirt and my lovely Tiffany's silver heart pendant. When I would go out for a short walk, I would throw on my warm Anthro cable cardigan and boots. The cardigan's rusty pink color blended me with nature. It's furry collar and lace lining felt soft and luxurious. 
xo, Zuma A.

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