Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Garden Therapy ~ Terrarium DIY

We often postpone doing things for pleasure and concentrating on doing things we have to do. But the way I see it, doing things for pleasure are things we have to do too. So I always try to put in my daily planner an activity that helps me relax. 

Last Sunday my friend and I decided to build my very first Terrarium ~ working with dirt and live plants is a great way to connect with nature and reduce stress. It's kind of like therapy, but for much less money. And having life plants at home bring us continuous pleasure. 

Terrariums are super easy to make and design opportunities are endless. 
So here's the shopping list for the terrarium I made:
A glass container with a lid
Terrarium plants: I used California Bloomers, Ipomoea Desana Lime, and Anthurium Flamingo Flower
 A basket with terrarium ingredients can be a wonderful gift!

Step 1: Install about 1 inch of the rocks at the base of container.
Step 2: add charcoal pieces and mix with rocks.
Step 3: add a layer of moss. I also added  green moss for extra color.
Step 4: add soil to fill the container one third full. To avoid large air pockets, pack the soil every 2 inches.
Step 5: carefully remove the plants from their containers and position them on top of the soil. (Make sure that there is enough room between plants for additional soil.) Pack the soil in and around the plants, keeping them from reaching too far above the top of the glass container. 
Step 6: add one more layer of rocks.
Step 7: water the plants and voila!
I think I like my terrarium without a lid even more!
Place the terrarium in a well lit area with indirect light. Maintenance is minimal once the plants are established. Check every couple of weeks to see if terrarium needs water. If terrarium is closed, take off the top at least once a month to air it out.

xo, Zuma A.

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