Sunday, October 12, 2014

Four Reasons You Should Join A Book Club

When I gave my friends an assignment to read Where'd You Go Bernadette, some of the responses were like:
~ Oh, okay, I promise I will get the book by next week...
~ Oh, I read files all day long, and now I have to read more?..
~ Oh, yeah, sure... I will...

I felt bad that my friends are so stressed and overwhelmed,  that they think that reading a good book is one more thing they have to do in addition to all the things they already do. I understand, I used to think this way too, but we must learn to balance work and pleasure, and curling up with a good book is a great pleasure. So I kept reminding and pushing my girlfriends to get the book. And when they did, they could not put it down. In the end, we had a great time getting together and talking about the characters, their lives, us, and our lives.

So if you haven't picked up a book for a while, here are four good reasons for you to start or join a book club.

1. Book club will motivate you to read.
Even if we know that reading is good for us, we may still need a little push to open a book and start reading. We often get wrapped up in daily stressful situations and problems, and we often think that we don't have time to read... Hmm. I don't know about you, but I often find myself playinCandy Crush Saga on my smart phone! Obviously, I do have time. So, is it possible that we simply lost desire to read? I mean, we deal with so many problems, and get so much information during the day, that reading a book feels like a chore. 

But of course, since reading is nothing but an enriching journey into a different world away from our problems, we should read, and the book clubs are great motivators. Here we are introduced to wonderful books, have set deadlines, and even get reminders.

2. Reading a good book will calm you, and shift your attention from stressful chores to something different.
Reading is actually a very effective way to relax. We lose ourselves in a book and escape from our worries into the world of the author's imagination.  Whether we walk, drive, or eat, we often think about characters, situations they find themselves in, and compere them and their world to us and our world. And this is certainly better than thinking about juggling work, chores, and kids. 

3. You will get together with friends regularly.
A book club meeting is a lot of fun, and you get together once every few weeks. (Honestly, that's a luxury I never thought I could have!) And when you will gather together, you will enjoy good food and  wine, and have a great time talking about different characters and issues the book raises. As a bonus, you and your friends will discover a few new things about each other. It is quite a bonding experience.

4. Book club will enrich your reading experience and help you grow as a person. Your horizons will widen. 
In the book club you get to read different types of books (sometimes you will read books that you wouldn't ever think of reading). You will also experience books in a whole new way ~ analyze the characters deeper and hear different perspective and different points of view. You will get to meet new people, because friends will bring their friends who will, too, become your friends! 

Read, relax, enjoy!

xo, Zuma A.

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