Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Five Things To Do Daily to Fully Enjoy The Holiday Season

October is my favorite month of the year, and it's here! The weather is cooler, fall clothes and boots are slowly finding their way into the closet, the heartier foods are being cooked, and the holidays are practically here. I just love October! 

Of course, the holidays can be very stressful times too. I mean, in addition to our long daily to-do lists, we entertain kids who are out of school, host and attend parties, and shop for gifts. 

I have many fun posts lined up to help making holidays easy, beautiful, and fun. Today, though, I would like to concentrate on setting our mind and body up for the right attitude so we could enjoy every moment of this fast and wonderful holiday run. 
Below, I am listing five basic things I do every day to get my body strong and mind calm. They are very simple, but effective. 
1. In the morning, when I come out of the shower, I draw a big heart around myself on the steamed mirror.
Yes, that's right. Women have a tendency to do things for others and forget themselves in the mix. I am guilty of this too. After running around accommodating every one else, I feel unhappy and resentful. And since the holidays season comes with so many extra things to do, I want to make sure that I don't forget myself in the mix. I have to love me too. 
2. I take a few minutes to go over schedule and to-do list to make sure I know what needs to get done. 
I do this before breakfast. I found that organizing my day and knowing what I do and when I do it, helps me not to feel overwhelmed. This way I don't have too many things to do, but I have one thing at a time to do. 
3. I do an easy 10-minute exercise routine before lunch or dinner, depending on my work schedule. 
No matter how many things I do during the day, I can always, I mean ALWAYS, find 10 minutes to get my heart rate up. It gives me energy to do things I need to do and fills up my head with happier thoughts that help me enjoy things I need to do.  

Personally, I jump rope for 5 minutes.  Then I do 4 sets of planks, one minute each. And finally, I do a fold over stretch to loosen my body.
4. I write a few positive things I've done during the day to pat myself on the back. I mean, we all work very very hard.  
Remember when we were learning how to handle job interviews and how they would say: when asked about your weaknesses, tell them something that technically is a strength. My usual answer to the question was - I am a little too thorough. I spend a little more time on fine-tuning the details than I should, which was true. And, technically, it was not such a bad thing... maybe it was even a good thing!

My point is that, even if you had a tough day, you can always find something positive you experienced ~ you handled it as well I you could, or, if you did not, you learned a good lesson from it, or, maybe you are simply glad survived the day and ready to get a goodnight sleep knowing that world isn't going to end. 

5. I kiss my loves goodnight before I go to bed. 
It's a wonderful feeling, and it reminds me that I have everything I really need, that I am very lucky, and that the daily run is... just the daily run. 

What do you do to stay sane during the holiday season?

xo, Zuma A.

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