Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to Decorate Your Home For Fall

Home is a place where we feel secure, happy, and loved. And it is true that the way we decorate our homes tell a lot about who we are and what makes us feel good ~ the combination of shapes and sizes, the mix of styles and colors... 

When I decorate my home I try to use items that would make it cheerful and comfortable. As seasons change, the look and feel of the home changes too ~ florals in spring, breezy whites and bright blues in summer, and deep warm colors in fall... And while it is very easy to overspend when shopping for home accessories - there are so many beautiful things! - I try to stay strong and stick to a few basics. 

When it is time to update the home decor, I start with the living room where we spend the most of our time at home. I put away all items from the previous season and layer up a few new items. (And don't ask me why, having a dog and a kid, I bought a white sofa! Sometimes my strange logic amazes me.)

Pillows and Throws
Pillows and throws are the most inexpensive and effective way to add color and the feel of comfort. To add volume, I usually mix solid colored pillows and pillows with pattern designs. During fall, I mix a lot of red, orange, and black palette. 

I often use the knit throws. The casual drape of fall color throws add warmth and texture. I love the lux feel of throws. 

Then I throw a few more pillows.

Centerpiece Tray
I love my wooden tray with rustic metal handles for it's look and usefulness - it is great to create centerpieces and move them around as needed; it is also great for breakfast in bed, or to carry glasses and plates to the patio...  

To create a centerpiece, I used just a few inexpensive but colorful items ~ a flower bouquet in a small vase, a candle, a classic style candleholder, a gold tone leaf platter, a bowl with fruits (real fruits!). And, to get in the spirit of Halloween, I added pirate jail keys and sparkling spiders. (I found the keys in Roger's Gardens' Halloween Boutique for $10!) 

Note to myself: I still don't know who do I want to be for Halloween!

In the ideal world, I would also place a rug which would tie everything together perfectly... but I can't because Lucy thinks that rug is a pee-pads. And she is untrainable too! So, after considering all pros and cons, my honey and I decided to get rid of the rug. Cleaning it daily was not something we were willing to do. Love you, Lucy!

xo, Zuma A.

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