Friday, September 19, 2014

Breakfast Al Fresco ~ Buttermilk Scones

I love Saturday mornings - I don't have work, kids don't have school, and it is time to slow down and relax. Almost always, I devote Saturday mornings to reading a magazine or a newspaper, drinking coffee, and eating something very comforting and yummy, like pancakes, or french toast, or crepes... And my recent visit to the Alice's Tea Cup, a  charming restaurant in NYC, reminded me how amazing, crumbly, fluffy, and soul satisfying, buttermilk scones could be! Last Saturday I decided to bake some. 

You may think that it's a little odd that I am writing about buttermilk scones after posting the Five-Step Plan to Get In Shape, but it is not, and here's why:
1. Home made scones contain less calories than store bought scones. As a baker, you control the quality and quantity of the ingredients.   
2. Portion control is important - go ahead and enjoy one or two small scones, no more. 
3. I believe in a well balanced diet. Depriving yourself from delicious foods would only make you snap and overeat. 

So I googled the recipe and loved the one from the Food Network - it looked easy and had five star rating. Since it was only 4 of us, I scaled the recipe down and made 8 small scones under140 calories each. This also allowed me to use the toaster oven - it is easier and less hassle. 

While the toaster oven was warming up, I put the ingredients together. 

Tip: to make the most deliciously tasting scones, make sure that the butter is very cold. You can even freeze the shaved butter before mixing the ingredients. 
I use utensils as much as possible so that the heat from the hands don't warm up the ingredients. (I know, it's a little extreme, but I heard it makes a difference.) 
Tip: Have you ever wondered why, to get a beautiful golden color, sometimes we brush pastry with eggwash, and sometimes we brush pastry with cream? Wonder no more! Eggwash is used for shine, and the yolk in the eggwash contributes to the gold color. Eggwash usually used in the pastries like pies. Eggwhite is used for a clear shine. If you want to get a warm brown top, though, brush the pastry with heavy cream. 
After 10 minutes of preparing the dough and 15 minutes of baking, the home was filled with a sweet and comforting smell.
The weather outside was so beautiful, that we decided to have our breakfast al fresco. A little boysenberry jam and unsalted butter on freshly baked scones tasted so good!
Have a wonderful weekend! 

xo, Zuma A.

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