Monday, May 26, 2014

The Flower Power ~ Peonies

I love flowers! So colorful and cheerful, flowers are a beautiful, refreshing and inexpensive way to dress up the house. It is kind of like adding a bright yellow scarf to a gray dress.  I occasionally treat myself with a beautiful bunch of seasonal flowers that I pick up while grocery shopping, and, whenever I walk into the house or a room with fresh flowers, I always think to myself ~ how pretty! So, why not make it a habit to always have fresh flowers in the house and think how pretty more often.

On Friday after work, I stopped by a flower market in Downtown LA...

Oh, I just love flowers, and when I go to the flower market, I really have to restrain myself from buying half of the flowers there. But then I saw the Peonies, so beautiful and pink,  I was sold and didn't need to look any further. Peonies are in season from late April to early June, so we have very little time to enjoy these pink beauties.

People say that the peony is named after Paeon, a student of the Greek God of medicine Asclepius. Asclepius became jealous of Paeon, and Zeus (no introduction needed) saved Paeon from the anger of Asciepius by turning him into the peony flower.

As soon as I got home, I cleared the kitchen table, and trimmed at least an inch of the bottom of the stems. My mom always taught me to take the cut at an angle, which will provide a larger cut surface to absorb water. I also trimmed off the lower leaves that would be under the water once the peonies are put in the vase. Otherwise, they can rot, and decrease the life of the blooms.
Once the bottoms of the stems and leaves were trimmed, I used a rubber band to tie the bunch to keep the flowers together.   Usually I try to use clear rubber bands, but I lost my pack and had to use what I could find - a regular rubber band from my office.  I tied one at the top of the stems and one at the bottom.
When it comes to vases, I often use jars as vases ~ I love mixing different styles, and this time I decided to put the beautiful pink flowers in a thick canning jar. (It is kind of like wearing a delicate dress with a pair of rain-boots.) The thick and simple glass enhanced the delicateness of the flowers.
I put the flowers in the living room, since we spend most of our time there as a family. And for a few days already, every time I walk into the room, I think how pretty. And that just makes me feel great.

So, I decided to build a habit to bring fresh flowers home every week and accessorize our living space with splashes of pink, red, white, yellow...

xo, Zuma A.

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