Friday, May 23, 2014

Perfecting Jeans And T-Shirt Look

I am a jean and t-shirt girl. Understand me right, I love dressing up for every occasion, but the second I am back from work, a gathering, or an event, I slip back into my jeans and t-shirt.

A jeans and t-shirt look can be tricky, though. Unless I am Charlese Theron or have a fit athletic body type (which I am not!), it is not always easy to execute. There are so many t-shirt styles out there, but I can always find something wrong with the way tees look on me - too long or too short, too loose or too tight, fabric is too thin or too thick... Do you feel that way?

Now, Summer is upon us, and it will be too warm to hide imperfect t-shirts under jackets and cardigans, and it is time to find the perfect basic t-shirt that will look the best with a pair of jeans and sandals.

So I was off to a store. I was looking for the features that would be comfortable, trendy, but also complement my hourglass body type (which, after a long battle, I came to terms with, or, to be precise, it's a working progress) ~

1 - Lightweight semi-sheer fabric - the semi-sheer tees are a huge trend that won't be going anywhere soon.

2 - Length that is just a little below the waist- to make me look taller and slimmer

3 - Drapy and only slightly oversized - so I feel comfortable and don't feel self-conscious about the obvious bra line, muffin top, and don't worry about sucking my stomach in - it's is a very convenient trend!

And here are my finds and picks:
Splendid 'Vintage Whisper' Scoop Neck Tee ($64): Feminine, relaxed look. I love the angled side seams that make this tee swingy. This tee was meant to be a slightly cropped fit, but since I am not tall, the length is just right! I cannot really find anything wrong with this tee - not too loose, not too long, and fabric is soft (pure Supima cotton).  This T-shirt is definitely my favorite!

Splendid Vintage whisper Cotton Tee ($58) : the ultra soft pigment-dyed cotton feels so good. I was sold! The tee has a little too relaxed fit silhouette, but there is an easy way to fix it - tuck in just the bottom center part of tee into pants. You may have seen this trick done by many and for a very good reason: the t-shirt will suddenly start looking drapy and slimming.

James Perse Short Sleeve Tee ($65): I own a few of James Perse Tees and love them. They are very basic, look great with jeans or trousers, or under a blazer. I usually tuck the tee in (just partially) for a more flattering look.

I also found that Halogen U-Neck Tee ($25) fit is very similar to James Perse Tee, and for more than a half price!

Here are a few other t-shirts that I loved but decided not to get them for one reason or another:
Rag and Bone/JEAN The Basic Brando' Slubbed Cotton Tee ($80): it is a very good quality tee, but it is  extra long on me. Should work great with leggings, though.

J Brand Vneck Tee ($90) Love it! But where do I draw the line for the price of a t-shirt? $25? $50? 100?

Zara Linen Tee ($20)  very basic tee, and should work well with any jeans or even nice trousers.
Fits well, but is a little too sheer. I used to have this t-shirt, but the fabric got worn off quickly. When washing it, I suggest to use delicate cycle and lay flat to dry.

Last but certainly not least: when it comes to t-shirts, the right fitted bra is very important. So when shopping for a white tee, I make sure to stop by the lingerie department and get measured. I did it last time at Nordstrom and loved the service ~ for my... agh... 32DDDs the pick was Chantelle 'Cachemire' Full Support Underwire Bra ($88) and Chantelle 'Galuchet' Underwire Minimizer Bra ($78). I got them in nude and black and love 'em!

Okay, I am going to stop now. But please send me pictures sporting your favorite Tees!  

xo, Zuma A.

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