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How To Get The California Beach Girl Look

If you are not a California Beach Girl by birth, no problem! You can get 'naturalized' - it just takes a few tweaks in the hair and make up applications, your wardrobe, and, most importantly, the attitude!

I cannot imagine anyone ever to not love SoCal ~ blue sky, beautiful beaches, sun... No matter how stressful SoCal life can be during the weekdays, the moment we step on the beach, we get transformed. Southern California beach lifestyle is relaxed and lay back. Mmmm.  And the SoCal beach girl looks like she just-rolled-out-of-bed-looking-naturally-beautiful-and-carefree. Phew!

Now, whenever I travel, I love checking out my destination's local looks, attitudes, and habits, so I could blend in and experience the place to its fullest. And, just like anywhere else, it is really easy to feel (or spot) non-locals in the crowd.

Thus, for those who are thinking of visiting SoCal or just love the look of a California beach girl, besides checking out the ultimate California girl Lauren Conrad's site, here is the how-to guide for you:

Not a blond? Not a problem! Highlights can be useful, but not necessary. As long as you have a sun and wind kissed hair, you are good to go. And to get that effortless, sexy tousled look, all you need to do is to spray damp hair with Surf Spray (yes, there is such spray!) and let your hair air dry.

A California beach girl always goes for a natural look. You can barely ever see the make up (not that it is not there!).  She would put some concealer to hide the dark eye circles, some tinted moisturizer or bb-cream to even the skin tone, blush and bronzer, and light pink lipgloss.

Be on notice: the beach girl never, and I mean NEVER, forgets to put the sunscreen on. And I don't mean the one that comes with the moisturizer or foundation. She puts a minimum of SPF30 and reapplies it every few hours. The California beach girl has a sun kissed look, never a heavily tanned look.

And, of course, do not forget the oversized classic sun glasses!

Beach travelers! Don't pack Chanel #5, please! Find something light and fresh, barely-there-kind-of-perfume that you may love. My favorite one for the beach is cleverly named Bobby Brown "beach" Eau de Parfum. However, scents are so personal, that I think everyone should choose her own. 

California beach girls do not trade fashion for comfort, they combine them! They chose understated light and white colors that don't stand out. Their fashion in general is the do-not-stand-out kind. Simple tops, rompers,  jeans, jean shorts, and light summer dresses. They always wear layers, though. SoCal weather can go from 60 to 80 back to 60 degrees in one day. So light sweaters (love this one) and shirts go on top of tank tops and tees. Jewelry is always simple and never too oversized. Layering is welcome.
Free People summer dresses                     
Oh, the shoes. Well. While the girls love love love shoes, they get plenty of chance to wear the shoes during the weekdays. They wear wedgies, pumps, and booties. But on the beach kind of weekends - flip flops are the way to go. The California beach girls love to play with cute toenail colors too.

Okay, last but certainly, not least:

The Attitude
Never be fooled by the beautiful look of SoCal beach girls! They are very smart. And they are smart enough to spend weekends feeling carefree and lay back. It is kind of no fuss, fun in the sun attitude. Sorry, but without mastering the attitude, no one could ever look like the California beach girl.

So, to practice, get outdoors, get on your bikes, pull out your balls, tennis and badminton rackets, and out you go. Get your hearts pumps up and smile ~ life's a beach.

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.
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