Monday, May 19, 2014

Healthy Snacks For Women On The Go

After I figured out the winning formula of losing weight last Monday, I got in the car and drove to work. I placed my coffee in the cup-holder and peanut butter sandwich on my knees and drove off. (Amazingly, it is still legal!) I anticipated a very busy day... and it was, I did not even have a second to stop for a quick lunch or at least a cup of tea.

So the peanut butter sandwich that I ate and two bottles of water I had with me had to carry me for... 12 hours. When I finally finished my work for the day, I could not wait to get home for dinner ~ I stopped by a restaurant and had a giant dinner with... yet another set of fries.  Even worse, the dinner was consumed within 10 minutes! HAPIfork would not be very happy with me if I used it. Agh!

Unfortunately, this happens too often, and I have to stop it once and for all ~ I do want to fit into my bikini this Summer... and not develop an ulcer in the process!

So I put together a few snacks I can carry with me on busy days like this. After all, I did make it a habit to carry water bottles with me at all times, and I do have a giant bag that can fit almost anything I could possibly want.

Now, here's the thing - I don't like snack bars or, as they call them, energy bars. They are usually hiding tons of sugar, carbohydrates, calories, and are not satisfying in any way. They usually end up slowing me down instead of giving me energy!

So, lets do the bag check. The following is being banned from my bag:
- any type of candy
- energy bars that have more than 7g of sugar or more than 14g carbohydrates
- sugary drinks, energy drinks, or juice
- and even the apple chips that turned out to be often made with oil, high in fat, and may contain added sugar. Sorry!

And here is what I can put in instead (none of them requires refrigeration for a day:
- 1oz raw almonds (1/8 cup) 165 cal
- 1/2 cup red or green European type organic grapes 110 cal
- 1 medium banana 105 cal
- 1 organic apple 80 cal
- 1 cup sliced organic carrots 50 cal (I usually don't buy baby carrots because they don't taste as good as whole organic carrots. Baby carrots are simply cut carrots into a convenient shape and rinsed in a chlorine wash to eliminate bacterias.)
honey sticks 15 cal each
- 2 squares graham cookies 59 cal
- Dark chocolate bar (they are not all the same quality! So I'm using the Ghirardelli Intense Dark Midnight Reverie 86% Cacao, Dark Chocolate 120 cal for 2 sections)

Okay, I understand that substituting candies with almonds or carrots may feel... wrong. But the candy craving stops after only a few day of substitution. That's doable.

So, it is important to not let yourself go hungry, and grab a snack every hour or two. It may be tempting to eat more than each of these portions at once, but the key is to spread them out! And if I get really hungry and don't have time for lunch, I combine a few snacks to carry me on for a little longer. These combos are about 200 healthy calories each, and, actually are yummy and satisfying. Here are my favorites:

- graham cookies with grapes OR with dark chocolate

- almonds, apple and dark chocolate

- peanut butter (1tbs 95 cal), honey, graham cookies, and banana or grapes can go a long way for under 300 cal.

Please, let me know how you manage your meals on busy days like this! Would love to hear from you!

xo, Zuma A.
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