Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Wedge Power

I am obsessed with my new Kate Spade wedge shoes. I HEART shoes! Whenever I get in my closet to pick an outfit, I start with shoes. To me, every shoe tells a different story, every shoe dictates a different style.

It's just such a menace that shoes are expensive. Agh.

Last weekend I felt stressed and tired, so I went to the mall. I have a theory: one way to relief stress, is to go shopping and spend as much as I would spend on a therapy session. And that's what I did: I got a pair of pants and a shirt, but then, on my way out, I saw... shoes. Oh no! I did not plan on having two therapy sessions!!! But, before I knew it, I pulled out the credit card.

...Understand me right, I don't regret buying the shoes ~ classic but yet an edgy design, in nude and, while the wedge is 8", they are comfortable too! I mean, how could I not get them?!

Did you know that the wedge shoe was created by Salvatore Ferragamo? He came up with the idea around mid 1930s. Brilliant! And today, not only sandals and pumps have wedge heels, but flip-flops and sneakers too.

If you really think about it, the wedge shoes give us much better support than stilettos, however, like stilettos, they make the legs look longer, the body look thinner, and the posture improved. Wedges also makes us look as tall as we want. This Kate Spade pair makes me about 6 feet tall, so I can finally have a bird's eye view... almost!

So how the 8" wedge dictated my style throughout the day? Well, lets see...

6:30 AM ~ Had a little hard time to fit my feet in the car. Oh, not as convenient as flats, but legs looked long and stylish. I even felt like putting a self-tanning cream on... and I did.

 8:20 AM ~ Crossing the street to get to the work. Cannot run, but who runs to work anyway?! Having no other choice, I pretend I'm on a runway and, with the walk of a model, I cross the street, feeling proud of my long legs and great posture.
I have to say that having 8"wedges made me much more noticeable too... and it's a good thing, I think. And, certainly, being 6 feet tall feels way more powerful than 5'3", and that's for sure a good thing, at work and at home! If I feel great and powerful, others, naturally, feel my greatness and power. Chain effect!

Who knew that these are some kind of wondershoes!

Happy to report that at mid day, my feet were NOT killing me.

By 4PM I was home rushing my 9-year-old to his Taekwondo practice. I changed my dress into a pair of jeans and we ran off... Sorry, I had to take the wedges off for this hour. The key word for the reasoning is ran off. I cannot run in these wedges... not yet. But then, when we got back home and our sitter came at 6:30PM, the adults of my gang and I went out for sushi and sake. Yum.

The reservations were at 7PM, and I did not have too much time to change, so I just switched the slippers back into my wedgies and threw my biker jacket and sparkling neckless on and, Voila! The outfit was transformed from mommy mode, to a fab-sushi-eater mode (if there is such a thing)!

Zara Top,  Topshop Boyfriend Jeans (similar here   and here), Sam Edelman sandals,
Black Biker Jacket (similar here), Nadri NecklessKate Spade

At night, I was off to bed. It was a full day and the shoes carried and supported me well. I am excited to know where the shoes will take me tomorrow. But for now, I have to say I was very happy to take them off.

Ahhhhhh. I suddenly stopped feeling powerful or fabulous. I felt like being me, and that felt good...

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.

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