Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Instagram Deceptions

I had a terrible night last night. I spent the night in a freezing airplane in a very uncomfortable seat. Even though I was upgraded to the first class as a thank you for being the airline's loyal customer and asked for an extra blanket, I wasn't given one - one per passenger, they said.

So, with the air blowing at the right side of my head, freezing like an icicle, I put my sleeping eye mask on and started counting sheep. One, two, three... ten...

Agh! Highly irritated, I ripped the eye mask off and dug into my bag to find any warm clothes I could use, whether they match my travel outfit or not.

Uh-oh, there was another problem ~ I was flying from Hawaii and had no warm clothes.

That's it, I thought, as I fished a hat and two dresses out of my bag.  I put the hat over my sleeping eye mask, wrapped myself with two dresses like a mummy, and then put the blanket on (which was tricky since I wrapped my hands in the dresses too... and please never mention this to anyone!)

Not sure exactly how, but my neighbor in the seat 2A did not seem to be suffering as much from the lack of extra blankets. Hmm. Maybe he was in Honolulu on vacation for a week, while I was there for just a day, working; or maybe he is not as neurotic as I am; or maybe all of the above! 

The flight arrived at 6AM. Finally! I went to the airport restroom, changed into the dress I was wrapped in at night, washed my face, put my make-up on, picked up my car, and drove to work in downtown LA.

I know, it's a little insane, but I do this waaay more often than I should!

...As I was waiting in court for my case to be called, I was scrolling through my Instagram photos and noticed that I haven't documented my awful look from the night at the airplane. Instead, there were a few pretty pictures from the day in Hawaii, and it looked like I had a great day.

Well, technically, the day in Hawaii was not bad at all ~ I mean, it was a work day, but in the morning before work, I got to walk barefoot at the beautiful beach; then, while waiting at the bus stop, I saw a beautiful red headed bird; and after work, instead of running home and do what moms do, I had dinner at my favorite spot, sipped a local beer, and read a book...

So, within 24 hours, I got a good dose of fun stuff and not so fun stuff. I guess, I could have posted a bunch of photos complaining about my tough night right next to the photos of the good times I had.

Hmm, am I being honest? Do my Instagram photos portray my life as it really is? Some say that social media is deceiving and that people only get to see that such and such is having a picture perfect life.

But then I thought ~ naaah! Why would anyone assume that? We all know that grass is never greener on the other side, and that everyone, I mean EVERYONE, get their share of bad times.

So my life is not picture perfect, but it is as beautiful as I want it to be. The way I see it, the cold night in the airplane does not deserve much attention nor an Instagram platform, but a beautiful little bird with a red head does.

It is all about how we perceive and decorate our life. It is up to us to notice beautiful things, to appreciate them, to make them part of our lives, and not dwell on negativity. After all, life's pleasures are not bought with money and are available to everyone ~ it's  a flower, or a blue sky, or a book, or human kindness, or love...

I choose to live life pretty.
xo, Zuma A.

Any thoughts?
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