Monday, March 10, 2014

Time Out

Last Saturday started amazingly. I got up early, poured myself a fresh cup of coffee, a yogurt, and a Bloomingdales catalog. Everyone was still sleeping.

I could almost hear peace and quiet. So nice.

The picture of serenity turned 180 degrees within a few minutes though. Before I could even finish my cup of coffee, everyone suddenly got up and felt that they needed a piece of me.

Next time, I better get up earlier, I thought to myself!

And, while I usually have plenty of patience to repeat the same thing over a hundred times to Alex to do this, and another hundred times for Robert to do that, and handle the scene of pile of dirty dishes, today I ran out of patience really fast and got upset with everyone.

Ok, pretty quickly I realized that I was overreacting... a lot... and... sent a text to my babysitter Ms. K.

"What is the earliest time you can come in?" I asked. "Three?" Three it was.

And as the clock struck 3, my Honey and I were out the door.

Wow, this date night was very much overdue! Why don't we do it more often?  Oh, I know, we forget! We forget that we need time to ourselves.

"Let's ask Ms. K to come every Saturday," Varuzh said as he turned onto Hwy 133 towards Laguna Beach... "Or maybe every other Saturday." he corrected himself.

"Ya, every other Saturday is more reasonable," I nodded. Every Saturday would be too much luxury, don't you think?..

As we drove more South towards the ocean, the tension and stress started wearing off. Phew!

When we were at Bear Flag Fish Co., we decided to get into a habit of checking out new restaurants every time we go out, and, after searching through Yelp, we settled on Nick's.

Honestly, all I needed was some comfort food, a glass of wine, and a nice walk on the beach after.

Nick's did not disappoint. Food was great, service was friendly, wine was delicious, and the beach was across the street.

After ordering Grilled Artichoke, we sat and talked ~ we added a few things to do to our bucket list, thought of how to make this happen, laughed about stuff, ate good food, and drank nice wine. LIG!
I ordered Blackened Halibut Sandwich (thanks to the recommendation of fellow Yelpers) and paired it with Bridesmaid Sauvignon Blanc. Varuzh ordered Nick's Classic Cheeseburger and Chimey beer (which I loved - I love beer and had to try a sip... or two). Whether it was the sandwich that was delicious, or the wine that hit my head, or I was just stressed out... or whatever it was, I finished the entire giant sandwich! No joke!
 And I stole some fries from Varuzh's plate too!
And for desert we ordered Warm Butter Cake with vanilla ice-cream and berries. Yummy.
We got out of Nick's happy and very, I mean VERY, full. It felt so good too. It also meant it was time for a walk. And what place on Earth could be better for a nice walk than this one? Just across the street.
 Oh, I felt refreshed... very full, but refreshed, and ready for another couple of weeks of daily battles. Bring it on!

How do you deal with stress at home or at work? Would so love to hear from you!

Zuma A.

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