Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Garden

Happy 1st day of Spring everyone!  Today, when I woke up and opened the window, I felt the warm breeze that smelled like a delicate mix of flowers and a little thicker than usual air. That was the smell of Spring.  In spite of people's perception that we don't have any difference between the seasons here in SoCal, we really do!

Soon, I started my day and quickly fell into a routine, until Varuzh asked if I could water the garden today morning... Lately he has been swamped with work, and started complaining that I keep buying plants, or pets, or stuff, and then he has to take care of everything.

Well, I do tend to bring things home, but those are good things! And, honestly, I do not have a problem watering the garden. What could be more pleasant? Seriously!

I have been preparing my garden for Spring, actually. I was ready for it to look and smell good.  So, together with my friend Mary Ann, who, I firmly believe, is an expert in gardening, we went to Roger's Garden and got a few plants.
But then I got busy and did not have time to plant the flowers and, when I came to the garden on Sunday, I discovered that my cute little daises died.
Oh, no! I am a plant killer! 

Maybe Varuzh is right, I thought. I did bring the plants home, but haven't taken care of them, haven't planted them, and killed them!

Ok, lesson learned. Luckily, other plants will be in better shape and will survive. And I will approach and treat them with respect and will patiently wait for the reward of beautiful flowers in my garden. 

You know that there is a thing or two to know about gardening, right? 

I know that too, but I have always been impatient and wanted big beautiful flowers to fill and beautify my garden. So you know, it does not work that way ~ flowers and plants need to be taken care of, need to be planted the right way, in the right place, and need time to grow. That means, that if I plant the plants now, I won't get the look I want right away. It may take a season or two. And, besides liking the look, color, and scent of flowers,  there are a few things to ask before bringing them home. 

So, when you decide to tackle on your garden, you need to equip yourself with a lot of patience and ask these questions when choosing plants:  
1. Do they like sun or shade?
2. Are they heat or cold tolerant?
3. Are they evergreen or seasonal, and will they come back in a year?
4. What type of soil do they grow well in?
5. How much watering do they need?

This time I decided to plant Sea Lavender (love the name!).  It likes sun, grows well in SoCal, and attracts butterflies!
This is how it looks now
And this is how it will look... soon!

This spot gets the most sun, and it is big enough to let the plant grow and expand. It will look pretty bare now, but the plant should grow pretty big quickly and fill up the place.
It is very important to loosen the soil to a depth of at least 12 inches. For the richness and to ensure good growth, always add to the soil store bought organic planting mix. Make sure it is pet and planet safe!
Before taking the plant out of the container, clip off the leaves and glowers that show signs of wilting. Knock the plant from its pot and loosen up the bottom roots to encourage them to spread out into the soil.
Plant the flowers at the same soil level they were in the container.
Warning! Your hands will get dirty :-)

xo, Zuma A.

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