Monday, March 17, 2014

Perfect Yogurt Parfait

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend and ready to take on the world. I think I am ready ~ I will be having quite a busy week and tried to take it easy over the weekend. I managed to distract myself away from any chores, and all I did was some gardening and reading.

In order to keep myself strong during the day, I always start my day with breakfast. I cannot skip breakfast after I get up (that actually saved me from dieting ~ I could never pass 9AM without eating!).

Now, since Spring is almost here and fresh fragrant berries are back in stores, I am so happy to get my favorite breakfast back - Yogurt Parfait. It is very simple and very healthy. It wakes me up, gives me energy, and helps me to continue eating healthy throughout the rest of the day,

While I usually post a Shopping List, I will not do it here because Yogurt Parfait is very personal. Usually it includes yogurt, berries, and granola, the rest is up to you. For me, I add cottage cheese to the mix.

Oh, and it starts with a cup of coffee, of course!

Cheers to breakfast~

xo, Zuma A.
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