Sunday, February 2, 2014

This Month's zFavorites

I cannot believe January is already over! It seems as if yesterday I was decorating my Christmas Tree, buying the gifts...  Our days are packed with so many things to do and time passes by at the speed of light... or faster! That's kind of sad.

So on Friday, I decided to slow down and spend a quiet night at home. I sat with Alex on the couch, and we watched Adventure Time (a weird, but pretty cool kids cartoon). After the show, Alex decided to play his games on the iPad while I turned to my laptop.

As I was surfing the net, I came across with a few things and links that I recently discovered and loved. Naturally, I thought to put together a list of this month's zFavorites and share them with you.

So here they are:

Foundation brush Until very recently, I had no idea that, nowadays, the makeup pros use a brush to apply liquid or cream based foundation. As they found out (and now me too), applying foundation with a brush gives a fuller coverage and an even and soft focus finish. And here I thought fingertips would do! Well, no more. I am hooked.
This particular brush called a bronzer brush (Pro Bronzer Brush #48), but it can be used for foundation also. First couple of tries felt a little awkward, but then my hand got used to the moves and it takes just a few seconds to apply foundation or tinted moisturizer or BB cream (whatever you use). Oh, the brush is so soft! It feels really good.

Next on the list is the Nailpolish set. Yes, after I started taking photos for the blog, and felt quite self-conscious of my 40+ skin, etc..., Sephora became my best friend. Ok, maybe not best friend - it can get quite pricy! So maybe I will call it a very fun and quite useful friend.
So, a couple of weeks ago, I went in and, right at entry, was greeted with a display of nail polishes. Oh, the colors were gorgeous! If they were edible, I would eat them all. They looked like the shiniest candies. Of course, rational me, started thinking. First, I spend more money every time I go the nail salon to change the polish. Second, it takes time to drive to salon (and pay for gas), drive from the salon (and pay for gas), so getting a nail polish is just a no brainer!
Well, since it is my first time, I needed to get all the tools, not just color! And, Sephora, very conveniently, sells this kit for $32 which includes 4 things: nail cleanser, base coat, your choice of color nail polish, and top coat. Good deal! The hard part was to stick to one color for now. I picked... you guessed it... hot pink. Pretty, right?

Now, Laura Mercier body scrub - given that I got it as a part of gift with purchase of Laura Mercier skincare many months ago, I cannot believe that I kept it on the bathroom shelf all this time unused. In general, LM's stuff is great, but I always tend to ignore body scrubs (or moisturizers!). Well, no more! The smell, the texture, the smooth silky skin... thumbs up all the way! Think about it ~ we are covered from head to toe in skin. So we need to exfoliate from head to toe too, not just the face.  So whenever you are at the mall, give it a try. And you can thank me later ;)
Laura Mercier carries Vanille, Almond Coconut Milk, Fresh Fig, Crem Brûlée Sugar scrubs. All delicious! My favorite one is the Almond Coconut Milk.   $46 for a 12 oz jar, and, since we should use it no more than once or twice a week, the jar should last a while.

Last, but certainly not least, this one a really cool thing: Cinemagram App  I just downloaded this app on my phone. It is a pretty awesome GIF app. For those who are as ignorant as me a few days ago, GIF is, simply put, a photo that moves.  Ok, I know, apparently many already are using Gifboom, and it's a great app that is available for both iPhone and Android. But Cinemagram has a really cool feature - it allows to animate only a portion of the photo! App is free. I guess its pretty new, it did not have much reviews yet, but experts seem to love it.
Phew. Only five items, but whole lot of reading. But I think it's all worth it - please let me know if you love them too!  

But now, It's time to turn off the screen, give Alex billion kisses (so far he allows me), get him ready for bed, and then enjoy a glass of wine with my Honey.

With love, always
xx Zuma A.

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