Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fashion Trends To Bring Your Wardrobe Up To Date: Spring 2014

While in the fancy world of fashion, the Fall 2014 collections are old news already (especially that the NY Fashion week is over), for the rest of us, it is about time to get our wardrobe ready for Spring 2014. 

This is always very exciting to me. Even though, this year the winter was too warm and my coats and sweaters were barely worn, I am still excited. Spring collections are always so rejuvenating, fresh, colorful, and pretty!

In order not to break the bank, I usually invest in classic pieces, and, every season, accessorize and update them with a few new trendy items. What would I do without Zara, TopShop, and Nordstrom's Savvy dept?! 

So here are a few Spring 2014 trends that I fell in love with. 

Being a hopeless shoe lover, I will start with the shoes.

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There is something so sexy about mules, and they are always a reason for getting a good pedicure. And, since mules always manage to come back to the front lines of fashion, investing in a good pair is a reasonable thing to do. Here is the great selection of mules and slides for every taste. This pair of Fendi mules are on the top of my wish list!

Floral prints.
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The flower prints are so romantic! And I actually love flower prints on pants even more than a dress. I think these Tory Burch pants will look fabulous with a white t-shirt and nude mules! Zara's floral pants would be a less expensive alternative which makes more sense since in a couple of years this print will most likely be an old news.
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Black and White Graphic Prints
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If you like expressing your power through your clothes, these graphic prints are for you. If you feel like looking bold, confident and fabulous, graphic prints are what you need. I, personally, don't like too much print, so I will probably get just a splash of black and white graphics by accessorizing an outfit with a graphic print scarf .

Pastel Colors. 
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Whether it is a shirt of a dress, pants or a skirt, pick whatever you like in any of your favorite pastels! I think that these three outfits are such an accurate representation of the modern woman ~ they look soft and powerful at the same time, and, most importantly, so comfortable in their own skin.  I would love to wear a pink dress to a sunny Sunday event, or the Rebecca Taylor pant outfit (on the top right) to pretty much anywhere but work. 

Contrast-Collar Button-Downs. 
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Contrasting colors for collars and cuffs can be a lot of fun. I saw similar designs and three color selections in Juicy Couture. The shirts can be paired with jeans and suits. (I like folding cuffs over a cardigan or a jacket to brighten up business outfit.

xo, Zuma A.

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