Saturday, February 22, 2014

Chips And Tuna Tartar For Lunch.

I have always been a proponent of a healthy eating, and it looks like the wind has shifted and has taken all of us for a ride to a better and healthier life. 

True, the wind shifts its directions often, but I hope that this one is here to stay. 

It is no secret that the behind-the-scenes lobbying by big companies is at the steering wheel of dietary trends. Years ago it was all about low fat everything. Then, it was all about yes to protein, and no to carbs. Then, the media stepped in and the tune changed to I love my curves...

I know that it ain't easy to stay in shape, but believing in a magic wand only makes us gain more pounds, more frustration, and more medical bills.

Today's trend, whether it's another brainwashing attempt or not, is much better for us: healthy organic foods, products with lower shelf life, smaller portions... Can't really argue with this. Just hope that the labels are not misleading. 

Last Saturday, my boys and I went to check out Bear Flag Fish Company restaurant, a healthy kind of a fast-food cafe/restaurant. It did not look very fancy. McDonalds probably looks fancier from the outside. But when I tasted their food, I thought that I discovered a hidden jewel, except that the line outside was long, curving all the way around the corner of the building (obviously, the jewel has been discovered by many!).
Unlike the fast food restaurants, Bear Flag serves fish as the main ingredient of every dish.
Prices are more than reasonable. Not as cheap as Burger King, of course... well... luckily, not as cheap as Burger King. I cannot even imagine what kind of food I would get if a sandwich price would be a dollar!
While battling what should I eat, I noticed that many people take chips & tuna tartar as a dish. Really? When I go to restaurants, I get chips and salsa as a pre-meal, and fill up before the appetizer is even served! 

Decided! Chips and tuna tartar it is! And I was very happy with my choice. 
My boys picked an Ahi burrito and halibut sandwich. I could not resist and tried both, and both were delicious. I loved that, even though both the burrito and sandwich had quite a few ingredients, I could taste the fish. I believe that it is because they don't mask the taste with mayo, and they season it just right. So the fish, while it crumbled in my mouth, I could taste the flavor in its full glory.
The meal was fresh, delicious, and very satisfying. I felt light and full of energy. And since the Bear Flag is located by the beach, naturally, we went for a walk.  (Here is the restaurant's Yelp reviews.)
@the parking lot. Surfers! Any sunny spot to dry the wet suit will do. Love it!
What can be better than a sunny Saturday in SoCal!
xo, Zuma A. 

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