Thursday, January 9, 2014

Short Skirts After 40

Happy Thursday!

Having been blessed with 32DDD size of you-know-what, I've always felt quite self conscious. And to make sure I don't attract anyone's attention, I've dressed conservatively.

My closet consisted of black, white, or beige shirts, black pants, black skirts... Did I mention black dresses? (Well, I do have couple of bright dresses, but seriously, just two.) I justified my wardrobe by thinking that one's personality should attract others' attention, not the clothes.

I still think so, to an extent. But I also realized that the clothes accent our personality and don't have to be invisible. And, since I decided that 2014 is a year of change, the way I dress should be no exception.

Thus, the new project was born - I've got to update my closet with cute colorful pieces... after I pay off my credit card that still carries the holiday belly fat... But until then, I would have to work with whatever I have in my closet.

I decided to pull a piece that I barely ever wore to spice up my usual classic outfits a little - and today the winner is my Theory shorts. Apparently, about ten years ago (yes, ten!) I felt the desire to buy them, but barely wore them (not the wisest way to spend money, I'd say!) But now, I am finally ready... except that I am over 40! Aren't we not supposed to wear white after Labor day and short skirts after 40? Oh, what was I thinking when I was in the appropriate age for these?!

I started researching the web. They say that the 40s nowadays are the new 30s. So is it ok then?

According to the experts, everything is ok really, as long as you feel comfortable and fabulous.

I can do that!

My rule of thumb is that if I wear something non-conservative (at least in my opinion), the rest of the outfit must be toned down to bring up the balance. This will give me enough comfort to rock the outfit.

In order to tone down the short shorts, I paired them with my Alice + Olivia sweater, black, of course (I do have quite a lot of black sweaters!), Stella McCartney's Falabella bag, and my very favorite Stewart Weitzman brown suede "Demiswoon" boots (Originally, I wanted to buy the black ones. There was a waiting list for them, though, so I had to settle for the brown pair. I ended up loving, loving, loving them. I pair them with my black and dark blue outfits all the time.)

...I rocked this outfit to the Americana where I had to make a few post holiday exchanges. Whether it was my imagination or people actually were looking at me, it did not bother me, and I had a lot of fun. The outfit complemented my good mood and my good mood complemented my outfit. I felt playful and stylish.

Americana, like always, was lit with so many lights. I wish the holidays were here forever!

Have a very stylish weekend! And please share your thoughts and photos with me!
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xo, Zuma A.

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