Monday, January 20, 2014

Zennn... How To De-stress. Lesson 1

I had a crazy week last week - I had to do tons of work for my day job and blog, I had to drive Alex around to his activities, I had to read through my new health insurance terms, I had to start putting things together for taxes (yes, its time!), and, meanwhile, the empty fridge and the very dusty house just drives me crazy. It's just too much.

So yesterday I decided to take a day off and work on my new video (did I say a day off?).

Well, the video was about a very appropriate topic: How To De-Stress, Lesson 1. I so needed it!

Here what I came up with:

To shoot the second part of the video, my entire family and I drove to Laguna Beach. Such a beautiful place! And here are some more pictures from my amazing "de-stress spot".
Whenever I feel stressed, the first thing I do is I get out of the bubble to clear up my mind. I go somewhere nice, close to nature… and breath.  I concentrate on breathing, close my eyes, and let the breeze clear up my mind of all thoughts - good and bad. Empty my head and feel the moment. Just be.  This is such a happy place.
I always remind myself that I should always have time for this! My happiness should be my priority. A happy person is a better mom, a better friend, a better worker. Better everything!
By the time it was 4PM, we got very, and I mean, VERY hungry. So we walked to our favorite spot in Laguna Beach, and had pizza and beer. Oh, so good!
 Everyone were very quiet on the way home... and very full.
Please leave your comments - I would love to know what you think about this post and what you do to de-stress.

Thank you so much for spending your time with me. 

xo, Zuma A.

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