Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Visit to Patrick

The conversation was something like this:

Mom: "Where are you off to now?"

Me: "I'm driving to Patrick today, then to school to pick up Alex, go home, feed him dinner, and then take him to Taekwondo."

Mom: "Why are you going to Patrick? Your hair isn't that bad."

Hmm, so driving around town as my kids' personal assistant is not worth mentioning, but she is doubting if I should go do my hair. Ahh! I immediately became defensive. (I always get that way when I feel I'm being disapproved of, especially by my mom... who really loves me unconditionally, and who dedicated her entire life to my sister and I. See where I'm coming from?)

Me (irritated): "Why do I need to wait until my hair actually does look bad and, only then, can I go to Patrick?"

Mom (after a pause): "No, you are right. I was never like this, but you are right."

Oh, now I feel bad, but glad that we agreed. I give plenty of myself to my kids and everyone else! I don't really need to have my dark roots grow 3 inches long to justify fixing my hair, do I?

...You may have heard about Patrick already, but to those who don't know and couldn't guess - Patrick is my everything: a friend, a confidant, a therapist, an advisor... and a hairdresser. It's a one stop shop! 

I have always been pretty conservative with my hairstyle. Long, with highlights - sometimes darker, sometimes lighter, but nothing drastic, except for my two blond years, of course. 
I loved loved loved my blond hair. So those who didn't like it, too bad. I cannot really explain why and how, but my blond hair helped me get through the tough times of my life. They kind of cheered me up. Luckily, one day, I did not need them any more and got back to my usual long hair with highlights. (Well, my hair is not that long yet, but it is getting there!)

So my point is, women's hair is one of the most important things and should always be well taken care of.
Patrick is actually very pleased with how well I take care of my hair (especially that we dyed them blond for so long). And I agree with him. 

I think it is not difficult to keep hair healthy and shiny. All you need to do is this:
1. Never wait for dark roots to get to 3 inches long! (it will make you feel good and taken care of),
2. Use good quality shampoo and conditioner. I just stock up with mine - Redken Color Extent Shampoo and Conditioner (They are on sale at Ulta now!)  
3. Make sure to condition hair well to protect them from the environmental stressors!
4. Use a good hairdryer and, whenever possible, let hair air dry. I use Remington Tstudio Pearl 
5. Lastly, use good quality styling products or, even better, don't use styling products at all! Sometimes I put Argan Oil Serum (aka Moroccan Oil) on damp hair before I blow dry them. The Argan oil nourishes hair, controls freeze, makes them look shiny, healthy, and beautiful. 
And sometimes, if I really have to style my hair, to add volume and make them straight, smooth and shiny, I use Living Proof 5-in-1 Styling Treatment (Sephora sells it for way less than Amazon!). Hair may feel a little heavy (maybe because I am not used to styling products) but they certainly look beautiful.

After I leave Patrick, I always want to go out to a fancy place, but for some reason I never do! My places this time were Alex's school, Alex's Taekwondo practice, and home.The next day was no better - I got stuck with my honey at the dealership waiting for his car to be delivered. I took a nap there, though. And my hair fell on my face and looked healthy, shiny and beautiful. Just the way they always should be - beauty is a state of mind and should not discriminate against any moment of daily life.

xo, Zuma A.

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