Friday, January 3, 2014

Mushroom Crostini

Whether my size is never available during the holidays or big sale events, or if it's because I just pick the wrong size to feel better about myself - I often end up buying clothes one size too small.

Having said that, I was not in my best behavior recently and, unfortunately, consumed a lot of calories. All my rules and tips on how to stay in shape during the holiday season went out the window. Bad, bad, bad, especially because I just got an expensive dress that I couldn't live without but is a size too small, and I can't afford an extra inch on my waist!

The holidays and parties that I love so much to throw or attend are always filled with such delicious horderves that I cannot refuse. And in the last few weeks I did attend quite a few parties where the calories I consumed were the most delicious ever! At least it's not all that bad!

Mmm, horderves! They are my favorite part of parties and entertainment. I don't really eat dinners at parties, I drink a cocktail or a glass of wine and eat horderves. I just can't help it.

And I recently found a new favorite one - Mushroom Crostini. It was about a week or so ago when I discovered the blog The Londoner written by Rosie Thomas, a beautiful, smart and funny girl. She wrote a post on how to make Wild Mushroom Melts and I had to recreate them. They looked soooo good.

So on Christmas Eve, as I was getting ready for the family to come over, I thought that it was the perfect time to make the Melts... except that I did not have half of the ingredients and very little time. But I did not give up. I thought to make my own version of Wild Mushroom Melts that I would call Mushroom Crostini.

First things first - the shopping list:
1 baguette
3-4 oz (or more) Butter
4-5 Garlic cloves diced
1/2 large Onion diced finely
8 oz Mushrooms (any favorite kind) sliced
4 oz Goat cheese cut into cubes
Thyme (or any one of your favorite spices - this is a very free style version of crostini)

Step 1:
Peel and dice 4-5 cloves of garlic.
I found that the easiest and the fastest way to peel the garlic is by placing the side of a knife over a clove of garlic and smash it with the palm of your hand. The skin will easily come off.
For dicing garlic, I discovered this little tool at Sur La Table and fell in love with it. It slices and dices garlic and leaves your hands with no smell!
Step 2:
Finely dice the onion. And if you don't want to cry over it, then sharpen your knife. Yup, a dull knife is the reason for onion tears! Did you know that?

Step 3&4:
Cut goat cheese in cubes and dice mushrooms.
Step 5:
Place onions, garlic, mushrooms, and goat cheese next to the stove. On medium-high heat melt 2 tbs of butter on skillet and, once it is hot enough, start adding the ingredients, one at a time.
Add the onions, stir until they start changing colors and become transparent.
Add garlic. Stir until onions and garlic just start getting brown.
Add mushrooms. Stir until they too turn brown. Be careful not to overcrowd the pan. Too many mushrooms will stew in own juice and will be less flavorful.  So please, make sure you got a big enough pan!
Add salt and pepper.
Finally, add the goat cheese cubes. Stir and take off the heat, and add the final spice.

Oh, it smells sooooo good!
Step 6:
Slice the baguette, butter every slice, and toast for 3-4 minutes.
Step 7:
Put a spoonful of the cheesy mushroom mix on each slice of baguette. Yes!
Voila! Time to taste it. Easy, delicious and satisfying. Yum.

xo, Zuma A.

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