Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lunch Break: Exploring Downtown LA

Happy Wednesday! SoCal has been blessed with another gorgeous day! 

I got up really early yesterday, and at 6AM headed to Downtown Los Angeles. Interestingly, I thought, that I have been driving to LA for work for more than ten years now, but I have never really explored the city beyond the usual route from home to work. On my way, I always exit the 7th Street and drive all the way up to South Olive Street, make a right turn and dive into the underground parking. And then, as soon as work is done, I storm back to the parking lot and drive back to OC. Why do I do that? Probably because I feel that I have billion things to do and have absolutely no time for life. Is it a side-effect of being a mom? Do you ever feel this way? 
Today I had a two-hour break between my morning and afternoon session, and decided that, instead of hiding in the coffee shop with my files and my computer, I would go for a walk around the neighborhood. After all, it is not just any neighborhood, it is Downtown Los Angeles!
So, I took my working shoes off and put my walking shoes on, and off I went...

But first things first! First, I had to treat myself for a morning tea at Bottega Louie at the corner of 7th and Grand, which desert selection is in itself is a pieces of art. If I only could eat them all at once!
Tea time it is!
Since it was still early in the morning, I ordered a chocolate croissant and a beignet with raspberry filling. And yes, they are as delicious as they look...maybe even better.
Feeling fully recharged, I headed East of Grand Street. The day was so beautiful, the sky was so blue.
LA Public Library
Oh, they blocked the street - shooting movies. Luckily, I am walking and not driving!
Moving on.
Not sure what this is
Disney Hall and LA Opera
At this point I felt that I had enough of fancy district, and headed south toward the Historic District, to see more of the artistic side of DT LA.

Hmm, within just a couple of minutes, the scenery changed...
Did you know that every evening of 2nd Tuesday of the month, rain or shine, you can stroll along the galleries, restaurants and bars of hip DT Los Angeles. So check out the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk.
Do you see the dog at the window?
Look at the details. There's also quite an old and crumbling building in the window's reflection.
Oh, look at the time. I had to head back and pass the Jewelry District on the way. 

Yup, Downtown LA diversity is quite incredible, and I didn't even see most of it. Exploring LA should definitely be on my must-do list. There is so much - I haven't even stepped my foot into New China Town, Korea Town, Little Tokyo... 
Oh, what a break! I feel recharged. I should do this more often.
Please do a stroll around your neighborhood, leave me comments, and send me the photos! I would so love to see them!

xo, Zuma A.

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