Thursday, January 2, 2014

Big Hugs For Uggs

Happy Thursday! I hope you all had a great time welcoming the New Year and ready for 2014!

As I woke up on January 1st thinking of what I would be writing about for my next blog post, I also thought of how much I love blogging - I love thinking of new things, living them, and sharing them with you! I have to say that I kind of... love you...

So, I thought of what was stopping me from taking blogging beyond just a hobby - lack of time.

Well, to solve that problem, I have a story to tell: about ten or so years ago I was visiting a friend of mine, and she started telling me that it is about time to have another baby. "What?!" I said, "are you crazy?! I have absolutely no time - I have one child already and a brand new law practice!" And then she said: "you know, thinking this way, you will never get to move forward, and I promise, if you have another kid, somehow you will find time and money, and much more."

I don't like admitting that someone else besides me is right, but she was absolutely right. I ended up getting pregnant with Alex a few years after and even though he turned out to be quite a challenge, somehow I managed to find time and money to take care of him, and, along the way, found that my life became even so much better.

And the point of the story is, if lack of time is what stops me from becoming a full time blogger, it is nothing but an excuse. And having an excuse is not an excuse!

Oh, how exciting!

After breakfast, I grabbed my honey and went out for a walk sporting my brand new purple Ugg boots with cute bows in the back that Varuzh gave me for Christmas. Yes, purple! Lots of people were out and, interestingly, six random women complimented on my new purple boots. They liked how I paired them with a black sweater and black pants, so that the purple color of the boots became the center of attention and made a colorful splash. An idea was born! Today, I decided to do something that I did not have guts to do before - take pics and model the boots. Yikes!

I had to act fast, otherwise, if I would start thinking and change my mind. So I put my iPhone into my honey's hands and asked to take pictures as I would model.

Here is what we came up with. Please be kind to me, I feel quite self conscious!

This is Stella McCartney small "Falabella" tote I am obsessed with!
Love the bows!
Here, I did it and it is out there in the cyberspace... and I kind of love it... It's a new year and a new me, I guess. Started the year with something new! Bang!

Honey, thanks for giving me these bowtiful purple Uggs.

Big hugs,

Zuma A.
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