Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The New Year's Resolutions, Yet Again

Year after year come and go in a snap. We welcome each year with hopes that it will bring more happy times than the previous one, we talk about our new year's resolutions thinking that this year we'll actually follow through...

Last year my new year resolution was... was... Yikes, I don't remember what it was...

Since I don't remember what was so important to me just a year ago, I decided to put the new one in writing so I don't forget.

Hmm, what should it be? Should I manage stress better, or learn something new, or lose weight, or exercise more, or get out of debt?.. I think I just named the most popular New Years resolutions that usually stand along with quitting smoking and drinking and exercising. And the unfortunate news is that  about 88% of the new resolutions fail each year.

So how to beat the odds? Should I even bother? I know I really hoped to get better with my money, but I slipped close to the holiday shopping time. I also wanted to learn to not be too hard on myself... And I think I am doing the opposite right now...

Okay, I am not the kind of girl who gives up easily. After all, life is a process, right? We live and learn and improve every day. And if we fail, we try again even harder the next time... right?

In order to figure out what should be my 2014 resolution, I started looking back as to what I've done this year that I want to improve. But what I found really surprised me - and you will see why in just a minute:

Things I did in 2013:

Clearly, I baked lots of cupcakes,

Grew tomatos,
Beautified my garden,
Made the best pancakes ever!
Celebrated Robby's graduation! I am such a proud mom!
Class of UCSC 2013
 Flew 75000 miles to many amazing destinations,
South Beach Miami
Georgetown Washington
Central Park, NYC
Seattle, WA, my favorite cafe at the corner of 4th and Seneca
 Drank great drinks!
Bloody Mary at the Beachcombers Cafe, in Newport Beach
Margarita at Los Brissos in Corona Del Mar
Green Juice in Whole Foods
Raced for the cure,
Checked out Rene Magritte's exhibit @ MoMa
Visited the Endeavor,
 Watched Wicked at the Gershwin Theater in New York,
Ate and drank at great restaurants,
Spent time with the people I love,
Sang songs with my dad,
 Joined a horse riding school,
with Teddy
Took lots of selfies,
with a random cow
with Grinch's dog Max
With my cutie Lucy
Gave a hug to a chicken,
 Picked a pumpkin,
Got splashed by a wave,
 Celebrated lots of birthdays!
 Been silly with my kids,
 Ate a billion calorie Cinnabon. Yum!
 Been kissed by a bird,
 Shopped for shoes,
And shopped for toys,
 Got a gift from Santa himself! (I've obviously been a good girl)
Okay, I will stop now.

I see clearly now that I did not have such a bad year. And according to all these picture, I had a great year!

I was surprised - I kind of forgot the good times and remembered the long working hours, stress, frustration - I just didn't take pictures of those moments...

I laid down at night thinking that if this was not a good year, what would be? While I had a good dose of not-so-good days, I had so many wonderful days, filled with love, adventure, challenge. I just shouldn't forget it. Luckily, I've got pictures to remind me! And, instead of being hard on myself, all I need to do is work hard, take each day at a time, love and be loved, and repeat the same the next day. And that should be my new year's resolution for 2014! It is in writing, and I better follow through!

Tonight we'll be opening Champagne to celebrate the New Year and the New Me. What a special occasion! Cheers!

Zuma A.


  1. It is so true, we tend to forget best things that happen in our life. I loved your post. And, indeed, you had a great year! Happy a New Year! Cheers!

    1. Thank you! I really hope to be more positive in 2014 and really cherish the good times. Happy New Year to you! And thank you so much for reading! xo


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