Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pink Sparkles

Last Sunday I woke up in a pretty lousy mood. I planned to gift wrap a few more presents that day, but I was not up to it - I spent too much money in the last two weeks and felt guilty.  After I wrote Holiday Season: Five Tips On How To Avoid Overspending, I was pretty proud of myself for approaching the whole gift buying thing as a responsible adult. Just like I said, I put together a list of gifts I wanted to buy, special discount codes for each online store, and placed orders. And the best part of all - out of all the things I bought that day, only one item was for me!

But after Cyber Monday came, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... and every time I would drive after work and pass shopping centers, I would get the urge to go in. Is that bad?

A few days later I gave in.

So I bought more gifts for others and more stuff for myself, and repeated this routine a few times in the last two weeks. I knew I was overspending, but I kept shopping. Everything looked so pretty, so sparkly! I mean, when else could I possibly find shoes covered with glitter and at 30% off?!

The problem was, though, each purchase added up. So I shopped, but then I felt guilty - not guilty for buying gifts for others, but guilty for buying stuff for myself!

Okay, that's ridiculous. Maybe I did not stay within the budget, but I didn't blow it either. Honestly, no one is complaining but me! So why do I feel this way? Don't I deserve to gliterfy my own life? Don't I run around all day long working and taking care of the family?

I don't like this whole being-financially-responsible thing! Why can't I just own it?! Yah! I should just own it!

Well since I am being this honest, I will have to own this too - my favorite color is pink and I love lots of sparkles. There! And who said no pink and no sparkles after 40?!

So by the time I finished my coffee Sunday morning, I was in peace with myself and felt much better... and the gift wrapping went forward as planned...
 So here is how I do it~

When I measure the wrapping paper, I always try to leave an inch or so extra to be sure I'm covered. (I learned it the hard way!)
 Got to mark off the price!
 For gifts I like using the double sided tape. It gives a clean presentation - no tape will be visible!
I place the double sided tape on the inside edge of the paper. So when I pull both sides tightly so the paper hugs the gift box smoothly, and tape closed.
Final touch...
 I had lots of gifts to wrap. I am so lucky I have so many people who love me to buy gifts for!
With love always,
xo, Zuma A.

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