Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Tree Decoration Tutorial

I love going places this time of the year - every store, every restaurant, every living room is dressed up with beautiful centerpieces, Christmas trees, and the best part of all is that they are all very different! And there is certainly no shortage of tree decoration ideas.

A few days ago we visited Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach, and I literally gasped when I walked into their Holiday Pavilion. Talking about decoration ideas, these guys take the cake!
I asked about how do they manage to decorate tree so beautifully, and they said - layers, layers, layers. That's easy, I thought, and went home inspired to decorate our Christmas tree just as beautifully...

Our family, probably just like many other families, have a Christmas tree decoration tradition - we turn fireplace on, Varuzh puts lights on, I hang toys. And this year, I thought to follow the advice and decorate the tree in layers.

Shopping list:
Lots of lights
Filler ornaments
Favorite ornaments
Clip-on ornaments

The first layer, they say, are lights. So, starting at the base of the trunk, wrap the lights around branches all the way to the top and back.

Tip: placing the Christmas tree lights from the inside out will get you dynamic look.

The second layer are tree garlands. Starting from the top, wrap them around the entire tree, and don't be afraid to use a different variety of garlands.

The third layer are ornaments, starting with the fillers. Make sure to hang some of them closer to the trunk to create depth.

Since I love gold tones (they look great on green), my fillers are mainly gold.
Next, I hung my favorite ornaments.
This ornament was made by Robert when he was 7, like... 14 years ago!
oops, casualties are unavoidable
Lastly, I added the clip-on ornaments - my favorite birds and butterflies.

Cannot wait to put presents under the tree! Merrry Christmas! Ho-ho-ho!

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.

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