Monday, December 9, 2013

Choosing A Christmas Tree: Real or Fake?

Choosing  a Christmas tree is a task that should not be taken lightly. From the 1500s, Christmas trees have been the centerpieces of celebration after celebration and they have to be handpicked with love.

For years we went to the tree farms to pick our trees - I loved walking through the long isles of trees of different shapes and sizes looking for the one, bringing them home, dressing them up in sparkles, gathering the family together and singing around them.

A few years ago, though, because of sinking economy, instead of going to the tree farms, we started going to Target to pick our trees, and, in the last two years, our go-to place became the gigantic Costco truck where we don't even get the opportunity to check the trees out but have to buy them with the branches tied up.

Yes, I confess, I let Costco to pick the trees for us. A tree that is perfectly shaped, big, and... impersonal.

I don't like anything impersonal, and, out of resentment, I started toying with the idea of getting an artificial tree!

Apparently, I am not alone - According to National Christmas Tree Association (yes, it exists!), Americans purchased 30.8 million Christmas trees in 2011 and 24.5 million trees in 2012!

Honestly, until today, I have never debated whether we should bring home an artificial or a real Christmas tree - the artificial tree looked so... artificial! But nowadays, the manufacturers became pretty sophisticated in the tree making business, and I decided to check them out.

Could you ever imagine that these are artificial trees?
Okay, so lets talk comparisons:

on one hand,

- Artificial trees require a one time fee only and can be reused year after year
- Artificial trees can look beautiful
- Artificial trees do not require watering, so you don't have to find your way under the tree and water it every few days!

on the other hand,

- Real trees have to be purchased every year (and the prices do not get lower each year, but quite the opposite)
- Real trees are grown locally, and certainly, not made in China
- Real trees have no toxins or plastic parts
- Real tree's disposition is easy and environmentally friendly
and last but certainly not least
- The smell of real pine tree cannot be substituted with the world's best candles

Well, the picture is clear! I've got to have a real, freshly cut Christmas tree! And since 2013 is all about me being smart with my money, last Saturday,  we were off to the Costco truck to pick a tree... and, honestly, why should it matter where we get the tree? All we need is to bring it home, let it to spread its branches, and indulge us with it's amazing smell of freshly cut pine tree!
I told you that the Costco trucks are gigantic!

I think I like this tree
Alex is sporting his new rain boots
Oh, honey, what would I do without you?

 Breath in, breath out. Nothing can substitute the smell of freshly cut pine tree!

Welcome to our family, Christmas tree, we love you already...

xo, Zuma A.

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