Monday, November 4, 2013

Fun in the Farm

It's been just a few days after Halloween, and all the decorations are already down, costumes are put away, candies are eaten, and everyone's minds already set for the next holiday.

With the anticipation of a very busy November, I decided to take a weekend to relax and gain energy for the upcoming events and holidays. And what could be better for relaxation than a trip to a farm?

So, on Saturday afternoon, my friends Mary-Ann, Art, Alex and I went to the Cinceneous farm... to learn everything about chickens and about how to build a chicken coop. Actually, Mary Ann and Art sat through the entire three-hour lesson, while Alex and I joined them for the fun part - hanging out with the chickens and other farm animals. It was fun, lots of friendly animals.

...Have I told you that I have been considering in getting new pet... chickens? Actually, it has been a while since I wrote A Simple Life. And no, since then I have not moved one inch away from the idea. So maybe now it is time. The toughest part will be to turn Varuzh into a chicken lover. Ahhh, yes, it will be tough.

So I put together a list of a few good reasons to have chickens as pets:

1. Chickens have fun personalities. Did you know that? Turns out that chickens are very social and very fun to watch. They are actually pretty smart and can recognize up to 100 faces!

2. Organic eggs. Chickens lay over 200 eggs a year! Since they will have plenty of exercise and good food, their eggs will be organic, low cholesterol, high in Omega-3, and very delicious.

3. Chickens are not noisy. Contrary to the popular belief, chickens are NOT noisy unless they just laid an egg or if they were just threatened.

4. No rooster needed whatsoever!

5. Chickens are useful. In addition to producing eggs, chickens are great decomposers, and their poop is a great fertilizer for the garden.

6. Cities allow chickens as pets. Most municipalities are allowing a few chickens in their ordinances. Even big cities. In Irvine, for example, we are allowed to have up to 6 chickens. But I am not greedy and campaigning for only two.

7. Chickens do not need big space. A fully grown chicken needs about 2 square feet of coop space and somewhere between 4-10 square feet of outside run. And our backdoor patio that is right outside Robert's room is a perfect place for that!

8. Kids are on board. I already have Alex as my ally. Now Robert says that having chickens is a crazy idea, but officially did not protest. Actually, he changed his alarm ring to the rooster's crow. I guess he, at the very least, accepts the idea... Hmm, he does not know yet that he will be responsible to wake up early and let the chickens out of the coop for a morning walk!

I hope that after hearing all eight reasons for having chickens as pets, Varuzh will agree. Otherwise, I will have to think of a more creative and compelling arguments... Hopefully, it won't come down to an ultimatum!

Wish me luck!

Meanwhile, here are some more photos I took at the farm!
I am a proud pescatarian and cows' friend.

xo Zuma A.


  1. Another supportive vote from me....I will help and provide free chick sitting services...I already found a coop too

  2. Another reason ...I will help and be available for chicken sitting...also I found a coop!!!

  3. This is getting serious! Varuzh better watch out :)))


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