Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ultimate Holiday Survival Plan

It's that season again - cool crispy weather, golden trees, fun decorations, lots of delicious soul warming food,  pumpkin spice lattes...  I cannot believe that Halloween is just about ten days away.

Wait! What?! Ten days away?!!! That means that Thanksgiving is five weeks away, and Christmas is nine weeks away. Are you ready? I haven't even started!

Just the thought of all the things I have to do in almost no time made me hyperventilate. Thankfully, my body immediately switched into survival mode, and I took a series of deep breaths and started writing an Ultimate Holiday Survival plan. It must include making the Halloween costumes, Pumpkin Patches, decorating the house for Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, writing holiday cards, shopping, making gifts, cooking, baking, and trying to somehow stay in shape. Ok Zuma, keep breathing, every weekend has 48 hours. Get on it, starting now!

First things first - a trip to Roger's Garden's in Corona Del Mar. It is not just an amazing garden store, it also has a great Halloween Boutique. Well, it is a little pricy, but there is no harm in checking it out and getting cool ideas.

Oh, I love skeletons and I've got to try to recreate the bejeweled pumpkins. Next stop is to Strawberry Farms for the best Pumpkin Patch.

Here's the plan for the last ten days of October:
Tuesday 10/22 
Pumpkin patch (need 4 pumpkins)
Wednesday 10/23
Flu shot
Sketch/plan Halloween costumes
Thursday 10/24
Go to Joanne's for costumes fabrics and supplies
Friday 10/25
Finish hanging Halloween decoration
Movie night
Saturday 10/26
Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast
Horseback riding AM
Friend's wedding PM
Sunday 10/27
Carve Jack-o-lanterns with boys
Yay, friends coming over!
Monday 10/28
Have a green super food juice for lunch (instead of the lunch)
Replace light weight blankets with cosy down ones
Make Halloween flowers arrangements
Tuesday 10/29
Happy Birthday Mary-Ann!
Work on costumes. 
Wednesday 10/30
Finish costumes
Read "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" with fam
Thursday 10/31
Finally! Trick-or-treating with Alex
Did I scare you?

I can sense very busy days ahead.

Love love love the holiday season!

xo Zuma A.

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