Thursday, October 17, 2013

Five Days In New York: Ten Favorite Destinations (Day 5)

Day five fell on Saturday, and we were finally off to Brooklyn to hang out with friends. First brunch, then walk in the park, and then hang out at their new apartment.

What a great way to end the trip!

But before I complete Day 5, I must talk about the  very important New York destinations: food and shopping. You didn't think that I could possibly forget these two, did you?

Destination #9 - New York Food

Yelp, yelp, yelp! You cannot go on vacation without help of Yelp. Every restaurant, cafe or food truck we visited with the help of Yelp were great. So don't you ever waste your stomach space, time and money, and always go to the place with the great star rating on Yelp.

But out of those delicious places we've been to, two stood out and MUST be part of your next visit:

Alice's Tea Cup. There are three "Chapters" -two in the Upper East side and one in the Upper West side. My favorite one was on 64th Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue. It's kind of hidden, so don't miss it. Everything they serve is delicious, but the scones they make are heavenly. I can still feel the warm soft and crumbly sweet (but not too sweet) taste of pumpkin scone I ordered with English Breakfast tea. Mmmm. You've got to try them!
I had to take a bite before I took the picture
Well said

Ess-a-Bagel - is another must taste. As you understand, they only serve bagels and spreads. And please, don't you dare to ask bagels toasted, or spread on the side... Have you seen Richard?   

But I promise, in spite of the New York like customer service, you will not be disappointed. Richard turned out to be a great fun guy and every kind of bagel without toasting and every kind of spread that they won't serve on the side is delicious! Definitely must try!

Street food. You cannot leave New York without trying the Street Food. There are as many food trucks as Starbucks in Seattle - on every corner. And the good ones are clustered in the Financial District in Lower Manhattan. We stopped by the one near Wall Street - The Philly. There was a line of men and women in suits by the truck, so we thought it had to be good.

Well, I don't eat meat or chicken, but no worries, the menu included the vegetarian Philly sandwich. It was very satisfying. Comfort food in its glory!

And finally, last but definitely not least:

Destination #10 - New York Shopping!

FAO Schwartz Toy Store - carries everything a kid's heart desires. And did you know that they do a Messenger Deliveries?

And then there is the Apple Store. It is not any different from other Apple stores, just bigger. But the "window display" is pretty cool - as simple, sleek and classy as Apple products (as you can see I am a fan).
Finally, iPaaad

And the shops on 5th Avenue, Lexington and Madison! 

I admit, I did spent quite a few hours at the Bloomingdales on 3rd and Lexington. How could I not? It is a ten story store! I wonder if heaven looks anything like that?! 

I have to say that eating and shopping is very satisfying, but at the same time exhausting.

love you all,

xo Zuma A.

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