Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Five Days In New York: Ten Favorite Destinations (Day 3)

There could be many things that could go wrong during a vacation - bad weather, flight delay, cold, flu. or even worse stomach flu; but the last thing I could possibly anticipate to go wrong is ... the Government Shutdown.

As history shows, the Government Shutdown is a good bargain chip, so our legislators decided to use it in October 2013 when my family and I are on vacation! Obviously, I am not here to discuss politics, but it affected my plans - the Statute of Liberty is a National Museum, and it was closed because of the Government Shutdown. There.

Luckily, private companies were there and ready, and we were off to the Harbor Cruise.

Destination #5 - Statute of Liberty & Ellis Island

Honestly, if the Liberty and Ellis Island were open, I would certainly rather to go there and explore them. After all, I am an immigrant and an immigration attorney, and to me these little islands have enormous meaning. I, more than anyone, can appreciate the difficulty of immigration, settlement, and value of freedom.

Did you know that the people of France gave the Statute of Liberty to the people of United States? Yup, it is true. They gave the Statute on October 28, 1886, to commemorate the centennial of the American Declaration of Independence. And ever since, she has been a symbol of Liberty Enlightening The World, all seven seas and seven continents. She and everything she represents made me fall in love with this country. I feel very patriotic!

The perks of the Harbor Tour was the view of Lower Manhattan and the new World Trade Center. And since it is located just a few blocks away from the ferry, this was our next destination.

Destination #6 - 9/11 Memorial

There is really no need to remind anyone what happened on 9/11. Every single one of us remember the moment we heard the news, remember where we were and what we were doing at the moment. Can you imagine that 12 years has passed since then?!

Today was exhausting, but empowering...

xo Zuma A.

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