Monday, October 14, 2013

Five Days In New York: Ten Favorite Destinations (Day 2)

What could be better than taking a stroll in Central Park in October. The weather is still warm, but the early signs of fall are already showing and the golden leaves started to slowly cover the ground. 

Welcome to the Upper East Side, a small piece of land where rich and famous share their space with the tourists... I could never ask for a better hotel location - across the South Gate of Central Park where the smell of gasoline from the cabs and limousines mixed with the smell of horse manure of numerous horse carriages. 

Destination #3 Central Park

A romantic horse carriage ride through the Central Park was on my mind the moment I landed in New York. Alex was all for it, while Robert and Varuzh thought this was a cheesy idea. Well, the low rating on Yelp and the 50 dollar tag for the first 20 minutes of the ride made me pause. Was it worth it? I guess I will have to find that out another day. Luckily, there were alternative ways to stroll through the park - walking and biking. And we did both.

The park is beautiful, but what makes it so special that everyone knows its name? Is it because of the movies and books? Do we identify with our favorite characters when we stroll the same paths as they did? Forget reality and walk into the life we dream off?..

So, on Day Two we decided to check out the Museum of Natural History. How to get there? Just walk across the park. Nice!

Destination #4: Natural History Museum

Of course, to prepare for this museum, the entire family watched The Night At The Museum. We were all excited. So you know, the museum does not have a lot of the displays that were in the movie. I know because I asked. Apparently, there is no statute of Teddy Roosevelt On The Horse, no Louis and Clark with Sacagawea display, no Roman Empire's soldiers. Luckily, we found the Tyrannosaurus rex, the Easter Island Head like Dum-Dum, the Capuchin monkey, African elephants, lions, and more! The museum is very special. We even found a display of Armenian People.

 But the display that got most of my attention was The Planetarium - must see for every kid and kid at heart. I have to say watching the Earth from space was really really cool.

The museum is four stories packed with fun displays... Thank God there are benches everywhere!

xo Zuma A.

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