Sunday, September 22, 2013

Over The Hill

I always knew that the day will come when I hear the words: "my dear, you need reading glasses."

What?!?! I almost chocked on the water I was sipping at the moment. I called my mother immediately after I got out of the office: 

"Can u imagine, mom, my eye  doctor said I need reading glasses!" 

"Oh," my mom said in an as a matter of fact tone, "it's just age related". 

Really, mother? Really?

So I went home and gone straight to bed. What's next, I thought, getting grumpy when sitting next to a crying baby at the airplane?.. How could this happen? I really don't feel old at all! I can walk and bike for miles, and I take Pilates religiously. Maybe I should pick up running marathons too?

Since my honey is too busy from his new business adventure, he had not even noticed my long face, so I had to figure out how to deal with this crisis myself, pronto! 

The next day, on my way from work, I swung by the department store and went straight to the accessories department at Nordstrom. I told the girl behind the counter, in her twenties I might add, that I need an accessory - a pair of great looking reading glasses.  

So she took out three boxes filled with +1 glasses. They all were so bright and colorful, almost looked like lollipop candies. Oh, I thought, maybe it's not such a bad thing! Now this is a whole new and fun shopping opportunity, and its a necessity too! Now I can get a few pairs and wear them as my mood dictates. It's kind of like bunch of iPhone covers I have, just without the guilt. 

For starters I got two - for "serious me" and for "fancy me". 

 I think I may go back next week to get the hot pink pair I saw for "fun me".
At night, when my boys and Varuzh saw me sporting my new reading glasses while reading last ELLE issue, they all said at once:

"Nice glasses!" 

I am sure they had no idea these were for reading! So, shhhh, don't tell...

xo Zuma A

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