Saturday, January 26, 2013

Garden Therapy

After a long and stressful week in court, I needed to have a relaxing weekend. On Sunday we were invited to a wedding, and I was looking forward to that. But on Saturday I thought do something therapeutic - I baked Varuzh's favorite vanilla cupcakes in the morning, then I read a few pages of a novel I recently purchased on my Nook. But I still felt restless. The weather outside was warm, but soggy. Rain just would not go away.

A week earlier I went to Roger's Gardens and, as always, could not resist from purchasing lots of plants, thinking I would plant them this weekend. I did not expect that rain would be like a guest that never leaves! I even dragged my niece to the store again on Friday afternoon to get potting soil for planting... and more plants, of course.

While last year I planted lots of herbs and veggies, this year I decided to tap into the world of planting flowers, flowers of all colors and shapes - white, purple, yellow, pink, red...

Rain, rain, go away, I thought at first. But then I texted my friend that inspite the rain I was ready to plant the flowers. Luckily she agreed to join me - she is a gardening expert and I would not dare doing it without her!

Ah, if you never tried gardening, you should - choosing plants, touching the dirt, digging, planting and watering helps to clear mind of all unnecessary thoughts.

When I was done, I took some pictures, sat on the bench and enjoyed looking at my new plants. My boys loved my new flower corner...

The rest of the day went pretty quietly. We had tea and cupcakes, watched Pixar's WALL-E, hang out...

With love always,
Zuma A.

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