Sunday, January 6, 2013

Endeavor Encounter

"Can we go there again?" my eight-year-old asked after visiting Natural History Museum to encounter creatures that lived on our planet Earth hundreds of millions years ago. "It's for learning..." Yes, he knows which buttons to push to get his way, so I agreed... reluctantly - I drive to downtown Los Angeles to work every day and mind taking such long trips on weekends too.

But then, Endeavor landed in Los Angeles and made its way to California Science Center which is conveniently located across the street from the Natural History Museum. Mysteries of the past meet mysteries of the future! Wouldn't it be amazing to see world's only Tyrannosaurus rex growth series exhibit and then see the world's only Endeavor, shuttle that completed 25 missions into space?!

So we did. And while you read how I felt about Dinosaurs when I wrote The Encounter, I have to say that Endeavor was as majestic as I could have possibly imagine...
Twenty five incredible missions

Majestic! I felt so small next to this giant machine, but, on the other hand, I thought that it's human brain that built this machine. And I felt so empowered...

"Can we go there again?" my eight-year-old asked.

"Anytime," I said...

Useful tip: Science Center can get very crowded, especially during weekends and holidays, so plan your trip in advance and reserve Endeavor Pavilion tickets on-line.

Zuma A.

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