Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zzzzzzip Through the Mountains

Two years ago, when we traveled to Mexico, we got to see a few zip lining stations built throughout the Mexican Jungle. Ah, we love adventures, but ziplining through the jungle with a 5-year old kid was not something I was willing to do. So we put the idea of a ziplining adventure on our fun-things-to-do list which we securely pinned by a magnet on our fridge.

As you may have guessed by now, we take our fun-things-to-do list pretty seriously. And today, after we dropped Alex to school, we finally headed to Wrightwood, California, to experience zipline canopy tour.

I have to say that besides earthquakes, fires, mudslides and floods, nothing in the world could compare to Southern California. We have it all: beautiful beaches, warm weather all-year-round, snow slopes just an hour away, and now ziplining adventures!

Once we got to a front office of a small one story building, we were given "waiver forms" and were promised beautiful views, long and super high ziplines.

"Sounds like fun," I said nervously and signed the waiver... without reading. The idea of jumping off a tiny station on the top of a massive pine tree blocked my abilities to think.

A few minutes later, after everyone signed waiver forms, two cool dudes, Armando and Cory, took us to another tiny room and got us all geared up.

... Have you been on a Disney's Indiana Jones ride? Well, after a ten minute van ride on the rough mountain trails to the first ziplining station, I realized that the creators of the Disney ride probably tried to recreate this specific ride. Wow.

But I forgot all about it as soon as I stepped onto the small station on the tree where I was secured by a cable... except that I could not really hold on to it. Yikes! I did not feel alone though, I was there with Varuzh and Robert, two other couples, and two cool guides. And I've got to say that the initial comfort I got was from... the girls - somehow we supported each other with our silent bravery. Knowing that someone else goes through the same experience and feeling makes it so much easier! And, of course, by zip line five, I did not need any support any more. By then I was a pro, happily zipping through the mountains, breathing in the warm air sweetened by the beautiful pine trees.

The itinerary included ten zip lines, three rappelling experiences, 4 suspended sky bridges - four amazing adventurous hours!
Pumping adrenaline into my body system was a great way to take the pressures off a hard work week. Believing that I could overcome fears and step into the bottomless air over the San Gabriel mountains was empowering. Experiencing this amazing adventure with people I love was even better. Always thankful for everything I've got.
With love always,
Zuma A.

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