Saturday, September 15, 2012

Did I Jinx My Day?!

It all started when I pressed the Post button on my mobile facebook page… 

In the morning I was having a blissful moment sitting by the beach in Waikiki, Hawaii, drinking coffee and nibbling on apple bran muffin top.

My day was all planned:
 - 6AM breakfast by the beach
 - 7AM bus ride to work
 - 8AM work
 - 12PM head back to the airport
 - 2PM fly back home

Since it was still very early, I had the entire place at its most peaceful time all to myself. The air was warm and soft and the sound of waves was soothing. I took a picture with my smart phone and, being a product of modern social media society, posted this shot on my facebook page. 

“Life’s Good,” I wrote a comment and, suddenly, felt a strange feeling creeping into my stomach – am I going to jinx my day?

“Naaah,” I dismissed myself silly. Why wouldn’t life be good? What would I be afraid of – paying a price for a beautiful morning? The idea of being Jinxed does not have any scientific explanation whatsoever! So I pressed the Post button.

Once coffee was all gone, I was off to the bus stop to head to the Federal Building.

Life was good… except for the bus braking down, and I got to stand at the stop waiting for the next one, sweating that I would be late. Stress started simmering in my brain.

“Did I jinx my day?” I thought. “Naaah,” I dismissed myself silly and, a few minutes later, the next bus had finally arrived and took me to work timely. Phew.

Life was good… except for the work taking unforeseeably long, and I had to fight traffic to get to the airport less than an hour before the flight.  Oh no! I may miss my flight, I thought.

“Did I jinx my day?” The stress started multiplying in my brain as I was sweating my way to the airport. “Naaah,” I dismissed myself silly and, a few minutes later, I arrived to the airport. I still had thirty minutes to get through the airport security. Phew.

Life was good… except for the security line at the airport being unusually long and moving at a snail pace. What?!

After standing for fifteen minutes in a barely moving line, I had to beg the TSA agents and hundreds of travelers to let me in. I made my way through the security the entire ten minutes before the flight.

Life was good… except for the flight leaving a few minutes early, and I heard the announcement that the passengers to LAX have three minutes to get to the Gate 30 and board the plane. Never mind that the Gate 30 was five minutes away if I ran!

Seriously, did I jinx my day? The stress over floated my brain by then. I knew that I had to run, and run fast.

…As I sat on my seat feeling my heartbeat fast and loud, I realized that I haven’t even eaten today since that blissful moment when I nibbled on bran apple muffin top. 

So what was it? Could it be true? Did I really jinx my day? Why did the bus break down? Why did work take so long? Why was the airport security line so long and slow? Well, why not?!

And as my heart rate calmed down, and I ordered my food, and I sipped my drink, and, before I knew, I arrived home safely. I kissed my boys and thought that my day could not be that bad since I got to see their beautiful faces … except that it was passed midnight, and it was already tomorrow…

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