Sunday, August 5, 2012

Green Shopping

It does not take much to motivate me to do something different from my daily routine. It's actually almost as if I am looking for ways to get away from it.

Last Friday, the only obligation that would constrain me to a specific time frame was a telephone conference with NYC court, and that meant that I got a call at 7AM as it is 10AM in the Big Apple. The rest of my work could be done at any other time of a day, so Varuzh and I decided to ride our bikes to Huntington Beach. I’ve got to say that this is a really nice way to spend a weekday morning… even if that means I will be staying up working late at night.

By 11AM we got to Main Street. It was hot and crowded, so we decided to park our bikes, get peach smoothies at Jamba Juice and walk up the street to check out the stores. I told my Mr. that I wanted to get a bike basket so I could give Lucy rides along the beech.

Luckily, fancy and expensive woven baskets did not look good on my bike, so 5 minutes and only 20 bucks later I was a proud owner of a standard white bike basket. And Varuzh was awesome enough to put it together for me right there at the beach.

To get ready for biking with Lucy in the basket, I had to practice biking with 10 pounds of stuff in it. I thought that it would be great if I practice by biking to the nearest Trader Joe's grocery store – only a 5 mile round trip. And today I did just that. Varuzh and Alex came along to show me a short cut path through the park.
These ducks were huge, much bigger than they look in the picture!
So at the store we got a few things, put our purchases in my basket, and headed back. As we were finding our way out of the parking lot, I got cheers from a few environment-loving men and women in hybrid cars – I guess, I am even “greener” than they are!
The route to the store maybe was short and fun, but it was a little challenging for me to ride back because of sharp turns and narrow paths up and down hills.  By the time I got back, I was seriously sweating. I think I need a few of these trips before I would dare to ride with Lucy – she is too much of a precious carriage that will not sit still - she is a dog after all!

oops, I've been riding with the tag on all this time ;)))
Hopefully, though, pretty soon I will be joining a parade of bike riders on the beach with their little dogs in their baskets. And I bet that, once Lucy will make her debut, she will be the cutest one of all. You will see the pictures when it happens... hope she loves it!!!

As for the grocery shopping by bike - I think it is an awesome idea... I just need to accessorize Varuzh's bike with a basket like mine too... in case if we need to get more stuff...

Who knew the bike baskets could be so fun and practical at the same time!
With love always
xo, Zuma A.

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