Sunday, August 19, 2012

All you need is love! La-la-la-la-la

Labor Day weekend is only two weeks away, and the Summer is going to be “unofficially” over… or maybe I better say that the Fall is going to “unofficially” begin. 

Either way, lots of adjustment is needed – it is like a Monday after a long and, hopefully, fun Sunday. Are you ready? Ready for days to get shorter, traffic to get heavier, work piles to get taller? Are you ready for hectic mornings getting kids ready for school?

While I enjoy summer’s lighter work schedule, bright blue sky, bikini-ready weather, weekday morning bike-rides, I also love diving into the fall days. I think that the fall season is somewhat enchanting– the cooler air and sun from its new place in the sky shine deeper and richer blues and yellows, bringing up more thoughtfulness in us. Summer’s fun and fast paced outdoor activities turn into slower walks in the park and heart-to-heart chats with people we love. Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls get substituted with Sting’s Whenever You Hear My Name. And, I almost forgot, who doesn’t love fall Fashion?! And, if nothing I just listed sounded appealing to you, that’s okay because we are less then two months away from decorating our homes for spooky Halloween fun.

…As I was writing that last paragraph, I realized that I have made a big progress from the time I started the Zuma’s Blog. I scrolled down to my firsts posts, and found how difficult it used to be for me to keep my life in a healthy balance.

I remember that back in March I got a call from my sister after she read As I Was Speeding Through The Trail… where I wrote about my realization that people’s daily issues seem so small when we look at them from the top of the hill. She pointed out that while standing on the top of a beautiful hill, I was thinking about the life at the bottom of the hill where people drive 70MPH trying to get to many places. Varuzh echoed.  "Enjoying simple pleasures is not another thing you have to do, " he said. "You've got to feel it. Don't think about anything else right now. Just feel it." 
Now, almost half a year later, I think I finally started grasping the concept. While I certainly had my share of bad days, I walked through this summer with my mind and heart open to seeing the beauty. And this summer was a success - cooking with family and friends, going out to the beach and riding bikes with my boys, reading, working, looking at stars in the dark August sky.

Hmmm, what changed? One thing I know for sure - the world hasn’t change. So that means that my perception of life has changed.

I think I finally understood that life can be very simple if I don’t complicate it! All I need is to live, feel, and love-love-love... You know what I mean?

I am so looking forward to the deep colors of the fall season - working on new projects, learning new things, going places, eating hearty foods... all with people I love, love, love.

xo, Zuma A.

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