Saturday, July 7, 2012


Having a day off on Wednesday broke the energy of weekday routine. I could barely concentrate on doing anything on Thursday and Friday! I am sure that many people felt the same way- the freeways were empty during the last two days. But don’t we all deserve a little break?

 Today, I was woken up by Lucy, who was acting as if I haven't fed her for a week. It was already 7AM, two hours passed my usual wake-up time. No wonder she could not wait any more. Then I drank a cup of water. And then... I did not feel like going back to bed any more. I felt well rested after a slow week.

I did not have any plans for the day, so I was free to do whatever and go wherever my day would take me.

By 7:30AM, my cup was filled with freshly brewed coffee, berries were washed, and a peanut butter and honey sandwich was on my plate. Awesome! Even though Varuzh is always laughing that I eat the same things for breakfast every morning, I ignore it and always look forward to my morning meal.

By 8AM I heard sound of my phone from the bedroom beeping to remind me schedule for today. (Yes, I know, I do break my own rules and keep my phone by my bed!)

Oh, I totally forgot that I had a Pilates class at 9:15, and at noon I have to take Alex to his Taekwondo class. 

That’s not so bad, though, I thought. I haven’t been to the gym lately, and I should get back into the exercise routine.

I got ready and drove to the Defy Gravity Spinning Pilates studio in Corona Del Mar.
On my way I got a call from my sister and we chatted all the way.
Even though I took a lengthy break from the class, I breezed through it and headed back home. I drove with my windows open to let the ocean breeze cool me down. This always beats my car’s air conditioner option.  I got home by 10:30AM and still had an entire day ahead.

I found Varuzh and Alex in the backyard watering the plants and checking if we had any fun surprises in the garden, but found nothing special except for weeds that needed to be taken out.

Before we knew it, it was time to take Alex to Taekwondo class. After the tiring process of persuasion, Alex finally got dressed and we got to the class at noon sharp.
During Alex's practice, I walked to a Barnes and Nobles conveniently located at the same center.  Oh, I LOVE smell of new books. Sorry, e-book lovers, but holding and reading an actual book is such a pleasure!

I passed the baby section where our VaZu Kids baby books are, and turned into an isle for the young readers where I picked one of the favorites -  James And The Giant Peach by Roald Dahl - it will be a great book for Alex and I to read together every night! 
By 1:30PM we were back home and found Varuzh who also just got back from a 10mile bike ride. (He got a bike mileage tracker from Robert for Father's day, and proudly announces to us how many miles he bikes daily. And we are proud of him too!)

Around 2PM, it was time to cook dinner. We got into a habit of eating dinner early and like it very much, I say. I personally do not enjoy eating late in the evening and, when at work, I often eat dinner for lunch and lunch for dinner. You should try it!

Tomato salad, White Bean Soup, Breaded baked trout and mashed potato were on the menu! Did I mention a glass of wine?.. 
And then, while my boys went to watch TV, I sat down to write this post. I hope I did not bore you to death!

I am actually thinking that after I finish writing and downloading pictures, I should try one of new Red Velvet Cupcakes recipes I found on the Joy Of Baking website. Our friends may come over tonight - so I hope the cupcakes come out yummy. Will report on how they turned out tomorrow. 

It is 3:17PM now. The day is still young… 

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.

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