Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Working Girl

As soon as I left home Sunday afternoon, my business trip had begun. All I did the rest of the day was drive to the airport, park my car, wait for my flight, and, since I cannot sleep in the airplane, catch up with my reading for the entire six hours in the air.

I started traveling for business about eight years ago (most of the trips were for my law practice). It was very exciting then. I got glimpses of so many great cities, their cultures, and met the people. My life rocked! It was filled with so much of variety – I would take it any day over the 14 hour workday in the law firm I used to work for after law school.

As years have gone by, though, all these trips have become… regular, no different from traveling to Downtown Los Angeles.

Every time I take a trip, I know what to expect – I stay at the same hotels, eat at the same places, walk the same streets. I actually almost look forward to the routine and unwelcome unexpected occurrences.  
 According to my coffee stamp card, I have made at least ten one-day trips to Honolulu, but I never get bored from my routine here  – I love getting out of airplane and being hugged by the warm Hawaiian tropical air. 

I love getting out at Kalakaua Avenue to walk to my hotel and being greeted by lighted torches along the street. I love looking at beautiful store window displays inviting me to come in and shop shop shop up until 10:30PM.
City view at night.
 Same view in the morning. I could not stop taking pictures all day long - viva iPhone!

My morning routine in Honolulu usually consists of getting up at 6AM, dressing up for work, putting my stuff together and checking out of the hotel. A cup of coffee with a croissant or a muffin from a coffee shop by the beach is next.

I got a visitor :) but I was not willing to share my banana nut muffin!
Banana Nut Muffin
 As you understand, it took some effort to get up after breakfast and go to work. But it was already 7AM and I had to head to court. 

When in Honolulu, I take the city bus to get around, so I get to do a lot of walking - thank God for no-heel-shoes and my compact travel bag! 

By 8AM I was in court ready. I expected to spend at least half a day there, but, instead, I was out within an hour since my case was rescheduled. What?!!! I flew all the way!!! 

Then, you may say, a strange thought crossed my mind: What am I going to do for so long here? My flight is at 9PM and I did not plan to spend 12 hours... here! I have tons of stuff to do at home instead of being here and doing nothing! I promise, I am not crazy. I would be very happy to spend 12 hours in Honolulu if it were one of my first trips, but this was trip number eleven at the very least!

I called Varuzh and shared my frustration. He probably thought that I need intensive therapy. "Just enjoy your time!" he said. "Go to the beach." 

He is right, I thought. Why do I feel compelled to work all the time and be efficient all the time? Haven't I learned anything about enjoying simple pleasures? And could it get any better than spending a day in Hawaii? 

Okay, I got the point. I did not have a car to get to the North Shore, so I got into a bus and headed back to the Waikiki beach to do what tourists in Hawaii do - hang out at the beach, eat, shop. And that's what I did.

I haug out at the beach.  
Drank iced coffee.
Gazed at the blue sky.
Cooled down at the Royal Hawaiian.
Ate the best Fish Taco ever.
Window shopped.

 When it got unbearably hot, I took a bus to Ala Moana Shopping Center - a heaven for shoppers. It is very difficult to leave this mall without getting anything, so I got stuff from J Crew.
Then I ate some more.
 And more.
And finally, I got bored and headed to the airport a few hours early. 
As I settled in the waiting room, and looked at the giant machine staring at me, I felt tired and lonely. I called Varuzh again (the 4th time probably), and he told me that he and Alex had a fun day, that Alex missed me and fell asleep in my bed. I also learned that Alex discovered two more loose teeth and is expecting the Tooth Fairy to visit him soon.

When I put the phone down, I thought that it had been only a little more than a day, but I missed my home. I still had to fly overnight and was supposed to arrive to LAX at 5AM, drive home, work on some deadlines and head to San Diego for more work. And then I, finally, would have time to get to hang out with my boys.

Maybe my Varuzh and Alex can come along with me to San Diego... I am a working girl and should be creative with the use of my valuable time...

Signing off till Monday. Cannot wait for Karine's hearty, messy and delicious breakfast tomorrow!

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.

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