Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Trip

When summer finally settles in Los Angeles, it gets difficult for me to concentrate on work – all I feel like doing is… nothing. 

Well, since I cannot do nothing or, as Varuzh believes, am incapable of doing nothing, I try to let summer into my home, my office, my car – I open windows everywhere, wear my favorite summer perfume, and drive in flip-flops…

So a few weeks ago, as I was driving to Downtown LA, I finally admitted that my little tricks work no more, and  I miss out on feeling the spirit of Summer. I picked up a phone and dialed Varuzh.

“We need a vacation!” I yelled into the phone.

Apparently, Varuzh was feeling the same way, so we decided to take a boat to Catalina Island and spend a few days there. Done!

Have you ever been to Catalina Island? It's such a charming little spot.

On Friday morning we were standing on the Catalina Express dock, while the Capitan was slowly moving the boat away from the Dana Point shores.

To me, every season has its special beauty and ability to recharge me and make me feel happy. I love fall’s colors, winter's quiet snowy nights, and spring's renewal of the world. But only a summer wind can fill my entire body with the warm ocean air and lighten up my thoughts when I exhale!
As I stood on the boat facing the sun, I closed my eyes. It felt so good, and I so wished not to be bothered by any of the thoughts and responsibilities and worries that always float in my head… I took a deep breath in, and breathed all annoying thoughts out…

This was a great way to start our trip to Catalina Island. We spent there three days and managed to do lots of fun activities. 

When our boat started approaching the island, everyone rushed outside of the cabin. Oh, I can never get used to the beauty of the contrast between the blue ocean and white boats and houses.

While Varuzh decided to bike around the town, Alex and I joined a submarine crew to view the fish in the deeper waters and learn more about marine life around the island.
Since Alex is not a big fan of heights, we decided to skip parasailing...
...and zip-lining. Bummer, I heard that the Catalina Island Zip-lining experience is very special. Well, next time...
Can you see the little station in the middle of the mountain? It must be truly thrilling.
Only the locals with permits are allowed to drive cars on the island. The rest of us have to move around by foot, bikes, mopeds or golf carts.
Or take the Extreme Ride tour on a hummer to the top of the mountain. We drove on the one way wild trails. Luckily, the tour-guide was behind the wheel. 
We did not get to see famous Catalina Island foxes and eagles, but we came close to deers...
and bison... 
I wonder why there were no kids on the playground?
The view from the top was breathtaking.

 Thoughts, responsibilities, and worries were out of my head for the entire trip... and even for a few days after...

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.

**Here are more photos from this trip

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