Monday, July 16, 2012

Packing Pro

I learned from Yoga, that to wake your body up, you start with moving your toes and fingers, but my toes and fingers refused to respond to my command. And that was fine because all I had to do today was to get ready for my one-day business trip to Honolulu, and get out of the house by noon.

It did not take long before Alex and his permanent extension – blanket - were climbing up into my bed. I am sorry to all the yogis out there, but this is a much better way to wake up. Alex’s sleepy head is sooo kissable. Yum!

The day had started. After breakfast, we watched our recently discovered home video, then Varuzh went to water the plants in the backyard and Alex settled on the couch to watch Fairly Oddparents. And as for me, it was a good time to get ready for my trip.

First things first! Got to check the weather! Siri told me that during the next seven days, it will be 86 degrees in Honolulu, HI. What a surprise!

So what do I need to take with me? A make up kit, enough underwear, work clothes, casual clothes, swimming suit (it’s Hawaii after all!), high heels, no heels, files, and magazines. Am I forgetting anything? I guess nothing else besides my wallet, phone, phone charger, and iPod. Oh, and a hat, sunglasses, and tons of sunscreen! And my contacts! And toothbrush with toothpaste!.. 

All right, lets do one thing at a time. Otherwise, I get confused and overwhelmed.

I pulled out of the closet my use-for-everything Tory Burch bag. Everything should fit in there easily – this bag does not look so big, but it sure fits a lot of stuff and, of course, I am a pro packer.
Usually, I start with getting to the bathroom and putting together my make up kit, sunscreen and contacts. Now days, since bottles over 3oz are not allowed, the kit is pretty compact.  In my head, I go through all the steps of my morning routine and throw tubes and little containers in my cosmetics bag. I am certainly not over-packing the make up because of humid Hawaiian climate.
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Before packing, ake sure to squeeze as much air out of tubes as possible.
Then, as I got through my mental inventory of what to wear, I realized that I’ve got no underwear in my dresser drawer. Oh, got to do laundry now!

Once the load was in the washing machine, I picked my clothes and shoes to wear in the airplane, at the beach, for dinner, for shopping, and for work, of course – the entire reason of this trip.

A long time ago, I learned a nice travel tip from Martha Stewart show – roll clothes in a compact roll and it will save a lot of space in a small weekender travel bag. 
Important tip: always pick a dress that allows room for a big dinner!
When I was done packing, I looked at my bag and was stunned at how much extra space I still had. I either forgot something, or I can do some shopping in Honolulu shopping heaven (I hope Varuzh is not reading this post)!
And not to forget, I had to decide what to wear for my flight. I always try to go for easy layers of comfortable and stylish clothes.  
For a Summer airplane ride NEVER forget a pair of socks! For some reason, the pilots love turning the thermostat down to almost 60 degrees. The last thing you want is to freeze for six hours on your way to Hawaii.
The good thing about Summer travel is that all clothes are light and can fit in a small bag. The not so good thing about Summer travel is that there are lots of travelers for pleasure and the lines at the airport to get through the security are slow. No worries, though, I have a card that will let me breeze through the “expert” line to get inside. 

Thus, I thought to leave home a few minutes later and hang out with Alex. There better be no traffic!
Tomorrow, while I am away, you are going to hear from my cutest eighteen year old niece. I know that you are going to love her just like I do! 

Then I will be back with the details of my Business trip to Honolulu.. unedited... promise.

With love always,
Zuma A.

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