Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jeans Or Jelly Beans

A few years back, one of my friends who had often humored my passion for fashion, asked me why it matters if someone dresses up in some particular way.

Hmm, until she asked me that question, I never thought about it really. But then I realized that the way we dress up somehow reflects who we are and how we feel because what we put on is the choice we make when we purchase our clothes and the choice we make every time we dress up. I think that this is a fun opportunity for us to be artistic every morning and create an outfit to reflect our souls to the world.
Today morning I was going out to take a few photos and I felt very free spirited. So I thought to dress up in a relaxed 70s style. I took out of my closet my flare leg jeans with which I fell in love under the influence of Rachel Zoe's style, Lucky shirt, platform shoes, and my Lucky bracelet with a Piece sign. Kate Spade's embroidered bag and camera on my shoulder would seal the deal.

But as I was putting my jeans on, I felt that zipping them was a little troublesome.

“Honey?” I turned to Varuzh. “If I don’t wear jeans for some time, do they shrink?”

Varuzh tried kindly not to laugh onto my face, and said: “No, baby.” He paused for a second and added: “But you look very good.”

Okay, this is it, I thought. I knew that it has been quite some time that I started avoiding scales, and having trouble getting into my pants had to do it.

…It all started when I was standing in line at Trader Joes and saw jelly beans on the stand by the counter. Thinking of one of my rules – NEVER PICK UP ANYTHING FROM THE STAND BY THE COUNTER EVER! – I also thought that I impose onto myself too many restrictive rules, and that I am being a little silly if I follow these rules blindly, and that nothing will happen if I dare to break my own rule and get a pack of jelly beans for $1.99!

Mmm… I hadn’t had jelly beans for months! How do you think I got to size 2! (the new version of size 2 that is)

So I started nibbling on jelly beans… every day. The more I nibbled, the more I craved. More jelly beans grew into more cupcakes. More cupcakes grew into more caramel frappuccinos. More frappuccinos grew into less gym trips... The “portion control”, another one of my rules and advice to those who diet, somehow was thrown out of the window. I guess it is easy to control portions if you eat veggies. The key, I found, is not to buy and not to take that very first jelly bean or whatever the weakness is. 

Then the dilemma is as to what I should choose: fitting into my size 2 flare leg jean pants or jelly beans? Won’t a size 4 or 6 or 12 do? And jelly beans won’t kill me either... unless they trigger quite a flow of carbs into my body... 

Well, I paid almost $200 for my flare leg jeans and I am not ready to give them up. So for now, I will squeeze into the jeans and move on with my day. On my way, I will schedule a gym class appointment. And I will stop buying and nibbling on jelly beans... as soon as I finish my last pack...

With love always,
xo, Zuma A.

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