Sunday, July 22, 2012

From Garden to Sandwich

Yesterday, Varuzh stopped by a local Deli and bought a loaf of Black Russian Bread and a half a pound of Feta Cheese.

"I used to love when my mom was making me a black bread sandwich with feta cheese," he said.

Well, I don't know where has he been all my life, but Black Russian Bread - Feta Cheese - slices of tomato - and - basil - sandwich is my all time summer favorite food! When we lived in Yerevan, it was not easy to find a true tasting black Russian bread and, whenever we would take a trip to Russia or Ukraine, we would always bring a loaf back home with us... back home to Yerevan that is (not kidding, I loved it that much!).

Combining the fragrant smoky flavors of a chewy slice of Russian Black Bread with salty Feta cheese gives a beautiful mix of sweetness and saltiness together and separately at the same time - almost like in a molecular gastronomy. Pairing Feta cheese with a thin slice of tomato softens the strong salty taste of the cheese, and a few leafs of fresh basil add just a touch of fragrance to the sandwich.

"Oh, this is the most perfect time to harvest out tomatoes," Varuzh and I said at the same time. "Two are finally ready!"

I do have to say that having our favorite veggies growing in our backyard brings one of the biggest pleasures to the table, to our taste and smell senses.

I had the honor to be the first one to pick the tomatoes...
While I was there, I picked a few leaves of basil from our garden's herb corner.
Back to the kitchen I washed the basil, washed and sliced the tomatoes, cut a few slices of Feta cheese and two slices of black bread.
You could never compare the taste of "the best" store bought tomato with the one that you just picked from your own garden. Growing tomatoes is very inexpensive and does not require much work. Before you know, you would be collecting rewards just like I did today.

I am always amazed how our senses remember some particular smells or tastes and immediately trigger memories associated with these senses. This sandwich triggers my memories of myself as a teen. During hot summer vacation days, I used to love making this sandwich for its taste and easiness of preparation. I used to make two of them, go to my room, shut the door, and read a book or watch my 12" screen black and white TV. This was my oh so favorite "alone" time...
My dear readers! I am truly hopping to get to know you, to hear from you!

Are there any taste, textures, or smells that remind you of your special moments?

With love always,
Zuma A.

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