Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Snooze Button

Yesterday was an overwhelmingly busy day. I had to stay up late going through piles of work one page at a time. This is the downside of bringing the work home – trying to concentrate between conversations with Alex, fights to do homework, banning cartoons and computer games, setting up the dinner table, snacking on too many chocolate chip cookies, and, in the end, going to bed just minutes after spending frustrating hours of multitasking and staring at the computer screen. 

This cannot happen tomorrow, I thought. I decided to get up early in the morning and have my me time before the household wakes up and starts another day of multitasking marathon…

Today, my alarm started ringing as usual at 5AM, but it was almost an hour later when I, finally, peeled myself off the bed. What would I do if the alarm did not have a snooze button?!

I quietly closed the door to Varuzh and Alex’s rooms, fed Lucy, and turned the coffee grinder on. The fragrance of freshly ground coffee quickly spread and tickled my senses. Oh, it felt so good. Once the coffee machine was turned on, I let Lucy out into the yard and went out with her. We checked out our plants – I looked at them, stuck my finger into the soil to check if the plants need more water, checked our apple tree and strawberry bushes, and Lucy did what dogs do… chased a squirrel. She is a very cute dog and always makes me laugh. Her 8th birthday is in August, but she still dances and twirls like a puppy when I come home and brings me her toy to play fetch. So cute!


Can you see the squirrel?

 Apples from our garden

Strange Looking Apple :)

Tiny But Sweet!
Maybe it was my desire to drink coffee or years of music training, but I heard the gentle beep indicating that the coffee is ready. I got myself my triple-size cup of coffee, made my favorite peanut butter and honey sandwich on a slice of whole wheat bread, and turned the NY Times on to check the headlines before I start my day. I love early mornings when everyone but me is sweetly and soundly asleep. I guess, yesterday’s multitasking marathon got to me, and I really needed my me time… except that I got up late and before the NYT's page was on, Alex’s alarm rang and within seconds I heard the sound of his barefoot steps. He went straight into my bed, buried himself under my blanket and continued sleeping.

I left my sandwich unfinished, and my coffee cup half full, and computer on, and went off to the bedroom. The top of Alex’s sleepy-head sticking under my blanket is the sweetest thing on earth. So I sat next to him and gave him a million kisses.

And the day has began…

With love always,
xo Zuma A.

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