Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh My Nails!

I have a rule: never leave home angry and never come back home stressed. In case you didn’t know, stress is contagious. Stress spreads like bad germs, and I would hate spreading germs onto my loved ones. This is a really great rule!

Yesterday, just before I got home, I got a phone call from a Not-Very-Nice-Person, I won't be naming names. It does not take much to frustrate me or stress me out. And, the Not-Very-Nice-Person did just that. “So what was I to do? I was almost home!” I thought after I hung up. At that time I was already driving passed our local center that has everything, including a grocery store, a dry cleaners, and a nail spa Oh My Nails! In case you did not guess yet, I thought of what would Elle Woods do – I am referring to the movie Legally Blond, of course. So I made a sharp turn into the shopping center and parked next to the spa.

A pretty young woman walked up to me and asked me what I wanted done and told me to pick a color. At that point, Not-Very-Nice-Person was 60% gone, and I was battling whether I should pick my usual Clear color, which is no color at all, or if I should go wild. No middle ground! I decided to go wild, and picked… coral red.

The young woman led me inside the salon to a pedicure chair. Almost all the chairs were taken and she sat me in one that was between… two men. What?! I exclaimed in my head. Since when do men go to nail salons?! Have times changed? I had not realized that our old fashioned Irvine was getting modern and advanced. This is awesome! Both men were slightly older than me and were there to take care of their feet – no color. And, for your information, their wives were sitting in the chairs besides them and getting pedicures too.

Good for them, I thought. I hope it’s a real trend and not an isolated incident. Women are not the only ones who walk on their feet all their lives, men do too. What is so wrong for a man to go to a spa, soak his feet in warm water, get a massage…

Actually, getting a foot massage myself, I thought that it is silly of me not to come to the salon more often. When I was done, I felt relaxed and refreshed, and my toenails were painted coral red and looked, as Alex says, fabulous. Not-Very-Nice-Person who?

When I got home, I told Varuzh that times have changed and that men nowdays get pedicures too, and that I think this is so great, and that he should try too.  As I expected, Varuzh laughed hysterically at my suggestions. It will take time until he comes along, but I am sure he will… I hope.

Signing off until Monday.

With love always,
xo Zuma A.

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